ns was killed throughout my very first and just encounter v Reeth and when ns re spawned the gate was sill open and also he was i do not have anything to it is in found. I have tried to departure the game and also continuing and also closing the game totally and restarting and also I cannot gain him come appear. Just how do I deal with this? I check out this happening to rather on ahead versions the this game and also this pest is still current on this version?? You should be ashamed!!

edit. Solved the link, not sure what taken place there.

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VaultHunter101 (Flying: throwing yourself at the ground and missing) march 26, 2015, 3:41pm #2

The connect takes me right back to the forum your short article is in, so i’m not entirely sure what you’re questioning about?

There are usual problems v this mission though, for this reason I’ll guess: v that perhaps a door isn’t opened for you and also you can’t obtain to the next area, or among the assassins isn’t spawning. Both these take place when yes sir one adversary in a tide remaining, yet they’ve glitched out somewhere and you can’t easily see them (often due to the fact that they’re in a wall or floor…) If that’s the case, then check for red dots on your minimap and toss homing grenades in that general direction, or save/quit/restart (you’ll save your progress although friend may offered to struggle your method through a few mobs again, but the glitched personality should also be reset)

thanks for the reply. I have searched, the is no there. Therefore the systems is come restart mine character? us should have the ability to revert come a previous save as we could on enlarge systems.

VaultHunter101 (Flying: throwing yourself at the ground and missing) march 26, 2015, 6:54pm #4

I i think by “He is no there” you mean one that the four assassins. No, you carry out not have to restart your character. Just quit her game, climate relaunch and continue. You have to spawn in at the entrance to the strength plant, so you can just job-related your means back through. Protect against the temptation come take any “short cuts” you could have viewed on YT or similar, and make certain you clear all the red dots off her mini-map in every section.

Edit: also note the the Borderlands franchise has actually never had actually a lot of save file option, unlike other RPGs but very much like other FPS games.

Edit 2: Ok, I check out the linked thread now. It’s actually pretty rarely for this to occur - personally, i have never had actually a problem through many characters, also when I passed away during the fight. Your best bet in ~ this suggest would it is in to advertise in the PS4 on-line play and also trading section for someone doing the mission that you can join your game and also get previous the block.

I’ll look into this because that you.

For future reference, if did you do it posted in the not correct category, simply flag it and also that will educate derekwadsworth.com staff and also we have the right to move it because that you!


rem2nd (Rem2nd) march 26, 2015, 9:41pm #6

Thank you.

rem2nd (Rem2nd) march 26, 2015, 9:45pm #7

Ahh, I should be reasoning of GTA saving.

Good idea. Ns will begin looking roughly for rather at that mission as every various other suggestion has actually not worked.

Thank you for you responces.

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Well 3 minutes later on update. The darn gate opened. Ns think this has to be the quickest retraction ever. Wow humble pie needs to be eaten.

VaultHunter101 (Flying: throwing yourself at the ground and also missing) close up door April 7, 2020, 1:47am #9