Kratos may be strong, but that doesn"t typical he can"t advantage from great armor. Here"s several of the finest you deserve to equip.

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Santa Monica"s God of War sequel/reboot surprised just around everyone when it released. Instead of a direct hack and also slash title, this brand-new entry provides a substantial amount that exploration and RPG elements. The simple to learn, yet daunting to master, combat has actually so much depth that"s not originally revealed top top the surface.

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One element that players loved about the game was its selection of builds and also customization. Kratos is now able come equip specific armor pieces, each v their very own stats and bonus perks. Some of these sets deserve to be fairly the challenge to obtain, however the rewards are well precious the effort. Here are the 10 ideal armor sets that will certainly make girlfriend a god (pun intended) in the game.

Updated through Madison Lennon on march 14, 2020: as we discussed above, God of battle was a large surprise for plenty of players. The game ended up being extremely popular and many pan loved just how customizable Kratos"s armors and weapons to be throughout.

There are a lot of of alternatives in the game and also a many of different armor sets the you deserve to collect. We thought currently would it is in a great time to upgrade this list v a few more an excellent armor sets in the video game in instance you can have to let go a few of them.


The Clarity set is a legend armor collection that is composed of the Mythic Pauldrons that Clarity, Mythic Bracers of Clarity, and the Mythic war Belt Guard. They"re all made the end of reinforced steel and they favor cooldown states, and also strength and also defense.

friend can uncover this collection while you"re in the hill or if you visit the black Rune twice. The Pauldrons are found outside that Sindri"s shop ~ above the Mountain. The Bracers are uncovered inside the coffin in the Hel Bramble, and the battle Belt will be discovered after you take the second lift and defeat an Ancient.

The Blazing Magma collection is an epic armor set and among the coolest-looking set of armor in the game. It had actually a fiery shield that you deserve to activate through the ability Magma Shield. It will certainly inflict burn damage on to your enemies.

girlfriend can also upgrade the armor increase to three times if you want it to be at its full capacity. It will boost your strength, cooldown, and also your defense. You can buy the from Brok and Sindri. Friend won"t have the ability to get the until later on in the video game as the sources you must craft it aren"t unlocked till then.

It"s not just Kratos that have the right to awesome armor in the game, you"ll likewise want to find the assorted legendary armor obtainable for Atreus to keep him safe and also protected.

This version of the Sharpshooter Garb is pretty lot the same as the one the comes before it except that it cut down considerably on the recharge time, i m sorry is helpful due to the fact that you"ll be able to reload faster and shoot off more arrows. That also permits you to do more damage in the long run. It"ll be really helpful to you as soon as Atreus have the right to move fast and also shoot even faster.

12 True Warrior Set

The True Warrior collection is one of the ideal armors in the game and it looks fantastic on Kratos. It is just one of those armors that appears to personify every one of his many fierce attributes. It has three different components, each one made out of dwarven-forged metal and also embedded through ogre teeth.

You"ll have to collect the pauldron, gauntlets, and also the waist guard. Altogether, you"ll get four enchantment sockets. You can likewise upgrade the armor twice. It has actually a defense stat of over 100 and also it is ranked Legendary.

If you"re a pan of Valkyries then you"ll desire to acquire the Valkyrie Set, it"s another collection of armor in the video game that watch fantastic. You"ll should defeat the Valkyries imprisoned in the realms previous Midgard favor Muspelheim, Niflheim, and Alfheim. It has three components, the cuirass the the Valkyrie, the gauntlets, and also the waist guard.

defeat Hildr for the cuirass, Gondul because that the gauntlets, and Olrun because that the waist guard. If you"re hoping to update the collection you"ll need to collect Perfect Asgardian Stee and also Asgardian Steel.

10 Protection Armor Set

The ancient Armor collection is a good early game collection that girlfriend should achieve as soon as you can. In stimulate to craft it, you should kill Ancients come obtain old Hearts and ancient Rubble. Killing this creatures isn"t too daunting of a task, so farming for these materials should be painless. Every armor item from this set contains the elemental Shielding perk, which increases all element resistance by 15%. Attract each piece will allow you ridge it as much as 45%. Similar to the protection set, it will certainly be beneficial early on when you farm yard for other products that the better sets require.

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8 Broks royal Dwarven Armor Set

once you"ve perfect the "Hail come the King" side mission native Sindri and also Brok, you"ll then have accessibility to craft 2 sets of legendary armor. One of these is Brok"s royal Dwarven Armor Set. Friend will need to attain pristine ores, pristine dust, and pristine scales to handmade both the them. The bonus perk indigenous each piece armor in this set contains Raging Fury. This perk rises the Rage got by 10%, through each piece stacking up to 30%. Rage is a good offensive device for that is high power, yet it can likewise be a life-saver due to the fact that activating it lets you become practically invincible because that a few seconds.

The second set you can get after the "Hail to the King" side mission is Sindri"s royal Dwarven Set. Sindri"s collection is a good mix the offense and defense. While lock all have a high defense rating, each armor piece supplies a different perk. Arcane Protective barrier from the breastplate will give Kratos a possibility to obtain some protection when using runic attacks. The gauntlets sell Fire Mastery, i beg your pardon will boost all burn damage by 15%, which have the right to stack as much as 50%. Frost Mastery indigenous the belt belt is usually the very same as Fire Mastery, but with frost damages of course.

6 Traveler Armor Set

The Traveler Armor collection will require you to loss the various Travelers throughout the map. Opportunities are, you came across one the them an extremely early in the game by opening one of those blue portals the end of curiosity. As with everyone else, you were eliminated instantly right after. Still, you"ll desire to make keep in mind of this portals if you desire to achieve Traveler"s Armor Shards and Grisly Trophies essential to handmade the set. Each armor piece will increase Kratos"s vitality, but you"ll absolutely want this because that the Breastplate. This piece includes the protection of Traveler perk, which offers you a protective barrier that will certainly absorb a single attack. This obstacle will gradually regenerate therefore you deserve to use the on a consistent.

as soon as you unlock the fiery Muspelheim area, you"ll want to start fighting immediately. Taking under the miscellaneous hordes of opponents will allow you achieve the materials required for numerous Epic armor sets. The first of this sets is the Smoldering Brimstone Set. What makes this set great is that each piece contains the Aura of Fire perk. Activating Aura the Fire increases strength and also restores some health and wellness after damages has to be taken. Put on all three pieces of armor will increase the chance of Aura that Fire, therefore it"s finest to equip the full armor set.

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4 Fallen Ash Armor Set

ideal of the bat, you"ll desire to craft this epos armor set strictly since of just how badass Kratos will look. You"ll need the same materials that are needed for the Smoldering set, which encompass Smoldering Embers, Crests the Flame, Crests of Surtr, and also Pristine Ores. Style aside, this armor collection can revolve Kratos right into a walking inferno, igniting enemies approximately you. The Retaliation that Fire perk native this set gives Kratos the possibility to burn surrounding enemies when damage is taken. The chance of this continue will rise with each piece worn.

Ivaldi"s Armor collection of deadly Mist is definitely the best armor set in the initial base game. Since it needs you to acquire Mist Echoes from Niflheim, frustration may kick in. The being said, there"s a factor the game saves the best for last. The fatal Mist armor pieces all save the Regenerating significance perk, which to add a little amount of health regeneration. You"ll desire to wear each piece due to the fact that this perk deserve to stack approximately 5 times. In enhancement to Mist Echoes, you"ll also need Niflheim Alloy and Ivaldi"s Rusted Armor to handmade it. Obtain to farming!

2 Ares Armor Set

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every one of the armor set in new Game add to are basically just upgraded version of the sets native the base game. However, there were two Perfect sets included that have the right to only be derived in brand-new Game Plus. Among these is the Ares Armor Set. It will only available to craft as soon as you loss Hraezlyr. You"ll require both Skap Slag and also Hacksilver. If you wanted to carry out a strictly fury build, climate this collection is because that you. The fury Fiend perk massively boosts Rage that"s gained. The kicker is that the fury bar will certainly decrease and also will drain faster after being activated.

The Zeus Armor set is, without a doubt, the best armor collection in the entire game. It"s likewise the many dangerous and also hardest to attain since you"ll should defeat every one of the Valkyries in brand-new Game Plus. What makes it together a dangerous collection is the Glass Ballista perk (see what they go there). This exceptional perk massively rises Kratos"s attacks, if simultaneously boosting the damage he takes. The damage boost given is for sure incredible, which provides up because that the high hazard you"ll have playing. It"s only a shame the you"ll most likely obtain this set after you"ve done virtually everything else the video game has to offer.