10 Anime To watch If You liked Blood the Zeus few of the shows provided below large the an interpretation of anime in a similar manner, while rather share comparable themes or characters.

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Blood that Zeus _ Anime To clock If You chosen It _ Feature
Blood the Zeus is the newest Netflix original Anime to make it to the well-known streaming service. The brand-new show traction from Greek Mythology to uncover its cast of over-powered anime heroes. The old Greek setup is refresh in a genre that usually leans into Medieval fantasy tropes when motivated by west culture. Pan of Greek Mythology and also anime will certainly both be happy v the human being created in Blood the Zeus.

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The anime genre originated in the country of Japan. For this reason anime collection often construct their fictional setup with Japanese culture in mind. In the period of globalization that existing anime fans find themselves in today, new settings and cultures continue to break the mold that the timeless anime. Few of the shows noted below big the definition of anime in a comparable manner to the brand-new Netflix Original Blood the Zeus, while rather share comparable themes or characters.

Castlevania's original team
As among the most well obtained Netflix initial anime series, Castlevania is a must see because that fans of Blood of Zeus.  The present originally aired with only four episodes, but was for this reason well received that Netlflix has ongoing to let the anime series run for 3 seasons.

The story of the anime is motivated by the video games it gets its name from. The sets its characters in a gothic, medieval setting where superordinary creatures and also monsters terrorize the vaguely European human being much prefer in Blood the Zeus.

Ethan and Hannah running from a Monster, Dragon's Dogma
Dragon"s Dogma is an additional Netflix initial anime motivated by a video game the the exact same name. Like Castlevania, this anime series fits nicely in the middle ages fantasy genre and deals with adult themes much like Blood the Zeus. 

If viewers walk to Blood of Zeus since of their interest in the European canon that mythology, lock will absolutely enjoy Dragon"s Dogma. This anime series also released in 2020, yet portrays mythological creatures favor the griffin in a beautiful 3D animation style girlfriend won"t uncover in that is Greek influenced counterpart.

for fans that went to Blood that Zeus because that a show that blends the anime genre with western media, Avatar: The critical Airbender is a have to see. Despite it may not technically count as an anime, the mirrors art layout pulls directly from the Japanese arts form.

The present has an incredible voice cast and also can assist casual consumers work their means toward the much more intense anime collection that embrace the category tropes. If Blood the Zeus can function as the an initial step towards pulling a west audience right into the anime fanbase, then Avatar: The last Airbender can be the 2nd step.

7 The Legend that Korra

If Blood of Zeus and Avatar: The critical Airbender room the an initial and second steps towards pulling pan of western animation into the anime fanbase, then The Legend the Korra is the 3rd and last step.

The sequel to the first Avatar series lives as much as its predecessor with fantastic voice acting and also incredible animations. This show likewise leans more heavily on anime tropes, setting the reflects protagonist up versus giant mecha suits and also spirits that match the style of the giants the the deep that were introduced in Blood of Zeus. 

watching Hera fight together the giants that the deep in the last episode of Blood that Zeus will certainly remind those the have currently seen Attack ~ above Titan that Eren Yeager. Though he is much much more of a protagonist 보다 an antagonist, the boy finds himself at the facility of a variety of thrilling battles in between monster and also man.

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If viewers appreciated the war in the very first and final episodes they will certainly love the battles between the titans. The giants of the deep space each unique and also well designed, yet pale in to compare to few of the huge titans introduced in Attack top top Titan.

5 document of Lodoss War

Record the Lodoss War is an enlarge anime. The medieval fantasy anime aired all the way back in 1990, and tells a political story that involves a plot to fall the sitting emperor.

Viewers of Blood that Zeus that appreciated the court drama that witnessed the Greek pantheon debating end the law and also its translate in the current day will love Record of Lodoss War. This show is proof of the truth that hypocritical rulers have actually been a subject of conversation in the anime genre for decades.

The legend of Godzilla is as lot a staple of Japanese mythology together the story that Zeus" infidelity is a clip of Greek mythology. The anime adaptation that the story combines the sci-fi and also monster fear genres to tell a tremble story the betrayal.

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Those that enjoyed the battles between the gods and also the giants in the very first and final episodes of Blood of Zeus will discover themselves pleasantly surprised by Godzilla. Like the new Netflix original anime, viewers might not it is in able to recognize the true villains in Godzilla just by looking in ~ them.

3 death Parade

Episode four of Blood that Zeus follows Hermes right into the underworld. The domain the Hades that viewers check out is a an extremely detailed relenten of the afterlife and a big part the the Greek mythology canon. Viewers the left Blood of Zeus wishing for more content detailing the Greek immortality will surely enjoy Death Parade.

The anime the aired in 2015 does not depict the same afterlife shown in Blood that Zeus, but it plays v viewers expectations of what wake up to human beings after they"ve left the floor of the living. The Arbiters are great characters and also Oculus manages to it is in both an ext relatable and much more terrifying than the god the the underworld depicted in Blood the Zeus.

Blood that Zeus brings the god of Olympus right into the anime genre v the totality of the Grecian art format in mind. The personalities are unique from the traditional anime personality designs, and also fit in perfectly with the Greek setting behind them. Knights the The Zodiac: Saint Seiya is no as visually stunning, but it tells a story of the Greek god that has actually never to be told before.

If fans missed Athena in Blood the Zeus, they will be pleased to hear the an anime exists v the goddess of wisdom together its protagonist. Knights of The Zodiac: Saint Seiya tells the story that Athena after ~ she is reincarnated in the current day. That is a thrilling adventure and the CGI animation makes it a was standing out among anime series.

1 The seven Deadly Sins

Those that appreciate Blood of Zeus for its link to the western literary canon, will love Seven deadly Sins. Though it pulls from medieval European mythology rather of Greek mythology, it offers its viewers the opportunity to immerse us in the society it pulls its story from.

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The legislation that Hera stop Zeus accountable for in Blood the Zeus is changed with the holy law in Seven fatal Sins and also just choose the Netflix Original, these regulations are as vague as they room damning.