I've review that ancient Egypt did not have a taboo versus nakedness; it was typical for costume to it is in designed to expose the breasts, women sometimes wore only loincloths, it was acceptable to it is in naked in public locations (such as people who functioned physical labour, or the ladies being associated in this "sacred prostitute"-ritual thing)

How lot of this is true? Would people walk roughly nude even in the many public the places, prefer the cities?


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Egypt is hot. Linen to be the fabric of choice, the thinner the better. There to be no focus on modesty, and also Egyptian culture didn't have actually sexual hangups choose Western societies do. Nudity, once hygienic and functional, to be fine. Kids are routinely portrayed as wearing small or nothing, and also adults are illustrated as attract loincloth or fine linen, and both might leave tiny to the imagination.

They to be cool v it.

While nudity seemed ok because that them pornography was not to my knowledge. Not specifically what friend asked however is kinda related

It appears to me choose nudity and also sexuality in a culture isn't necessarily related. I uncover nudity in how a culture interesting due to the fact that of just how it makes nudity have less to carry out with sexuality.

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I love old Egyptian history, however am no expert. I don’t doubt the truth of this answers, i beg your pardon make complete sense in a nation as hot as Egypt. I’m surprised they even bothered through the linen! probably they simply settled that linen to be light sufficient to store them cool, however at the same time provided cloth to absorb perpiration? No clue, yet it’s an amazing mystery.

What confuses me, though, is the IF the naked human body didn’t present any kind that emotional/sexual enticement (for absence of a much better word) in Egyptian society, climate I have to think something rather did the same thing in that is place. I think men, certainly, would have been together sexually sight-driven then as now. Ns remember analysis a book about native americans in i beg your pardon women generally went topless (and shoeless, ns guess). Not taken into consideration sexual, but what drove the laddies wild was once girls would paint the bottoms of their feet! That had actually the guys tripping over their tongues. I expect it might have been specific jewelry in Egypt, or mannerisms, or I-don’t-know-what, however if the nude body was no huge deal, can anyone sweet in ~ above what WAS thought about sexually enticing when looking in ~ the the opposite sex in Egypt?