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This quest is because that weapon ornamentsand achievements.

The ornaments will make her weapon looklike the various epics for her given class (in this case, for a Paladin, the Fiery Defender Ornamentation;Nightbane, knife of the Valiant Ornamentation; Redemption Ornamentation; and Soulfire Ornamentation).

It will additionally give girlfriend a special and also unique ornament for her class.

The an initial character to earn the special ornament, on every server, was honored v asystem vast announcement, and a permanent display with their surname on it, in Felwithe (you have the right to see and examine lock on the walls close to the pursuit giver, watch below). This merely a wall an installed display the looks favor the ornament. Click the display and it will produce a comment in her chat window that expose the name of the player that was very first to gain it on her server.

I to be pretty confident that this has currently been excellent by all course types, ~ above every server... So don't gain your really hopes up.




STATUS: Completed and also verified!



1) FELWITHE: Head to Felwithe to discover Lady Caroline the Thex.

You will see her up on the gate balcony as you go into the city. The does not show up she will respond uneven you in reality go up on the balcony.

To get there, walk straight right into one of the doorways ahead of you and go to the lower level. There is a secret wall in the back-center the the room under there. Go through it, revolve right and wind your method to her.

Hail her and also follow along, or just say, "I have an interestingtale to tell."

You should get a task referred to as "An epic Request."

This task is the very same for every class, other than for one (1)step. The one action will involve a special event in one of the 16 locations you must go for the updates.


2) friend now need to travel to every 16 locations, because that the updates, one of which will include the special event for yourclass (the update happens after ~ the occasion is defeated), together follows:

DREADLANDS: The upgrade is inside among the pyramids in the forested area that the ar (Bard's will have their occasion here);LAKE OF okay OMEN: The upgrade is on the eastern side of the zone, follow me the wall surface over a hill, as you go south (Berserkers will have actually their event here);EAST CABILIS: The upgrade is in the underground, accessed via the an initial building ~ above the appropriate as girlfriend zone in indigenous the ar of Bone(run up the ramp into the building, walk in the portal (it will popyou increase top), rotate left and also go under the ladders and also you will get the update close to the dead end) (Enchanters will have actually their occasion here);EMERALD JUNGLE: The update is along the rock course at the entrance to the City that Mist (Shamans will have actually their event here);TIMOROUS DEEP: The update is every the means to the really south that the zone, inside the mountain there (Clerics will have actually their event here);NORTH RO: The update is follow me the Freeport Wall, wherein the secret entrance to the Freeport Sewers is situated (Shadow Knights will have actually their occasion here);WEST FREEPORT: The upgrade is in the very first room up the ramp towards Arcstone (Wizards will have actually their event here);SOUTHKARANA: The update is ~ above the ramp that the aviak tree town, in the south part of the zone (Magicians will have their occasion here);JAGGEDPINE FOREST: The update at the northern part of the river, ~ above the eastern side that the zone, where you might additionally have a tiny Dolerite Shard (Magic, No Trade) show up on her cursor -- it is concerned a task/quest referred to as "Happenings in Jaggedpine" because that the Ring of Jaggedpine (Magic, Lore, No Trade) -- i m sorry is a clickie portal come Jaggedpine (Druids will have their event here);NEDARIA'S LANDING: The upgrade takes location in the bear cave, follow me the northwall to the east (Rangers will have actually their event here);EVERFROST PEAKS: The upgrade is in the northcenter room the the caves,that are accessed through a hole in the ice of the left fork the the river (Necromancers will have their event here);PLANE the MISCHIEF: The update is in the first room the the lock (Rogues will have actually their occasion here);ACRYLIA CAVERNS: The update happens as soon as you zone in (Beastlords will have their event here);BUTCHERBLOCK MOUNTAINS: The update is in ~ the chessboard (Warriors will have their occasion here);CASTLE MISTMOORE: This is wherein Paladins will have actually their event and the update will take place after the event is defeated (see action 3);PLANE of SKY: The upgrade happens as shortly as girlfriend zone in (Monks will have their occasion here).


2) castle MISTMOORE: The Paladin event is pretty straight forward.

Despite the number of MOB's or your con-level, a Level 105 Paladin should have no difficulties doingthis solo, also without a mercenary.

As friend zone in, you will get an emote tellingyou come speak through a froglok(Shin Bram Krito) lied by the pond ahead of you. If girlfriend simply shot to run into the zone, you will be banished earlier to the ar line.

Hail Shin and also it will activate the sequence of occasions (you might need to usage F8 come target him for the hail).

You will then be assaulted by two vampires. After they space dead,two werewolves will strike you.

The following encounter will certainly be in the canyon ~ above the means to the graveyard, where you will confront one (1)specter, followed by then 2 (2) more specters.

At the graveyard, you will encounter 2 versions the the undead hag, Tiffany. Once they are dead, friend will challenge a tide of as countless as 18zombies (don't let that scare you).

Next up will be safety Captain Alkirk.

Once he is dead, it is time come head down the tunnel to the earlier of the castle, where you will encounter Estranged Emissary the Thule, that will summon a few Infuriated Raven. Usage the assignment Blinding speed onInfuriated Ravento kill them and harmEstranged Emissary of Thule.Repeat till he is dead.

Now it's time to walk up the ramp, right into the castle and into the back of the round room whereby you will an initial face 3 (3) gargoyles. Use stuns come weaken and also damage them till they room dead.

You will then be assaulted by Drelan V'Dal. When he is dead, Debra will strike you. When she is dead, Xicotl will summon you to him and also attack.

When Xicotl dies, head to the basement to the dead finish room...but very first make certain you have actually at the very least one stunand a direct heal loadedup on her spell bar.

As you get in the ago of the room, agent ofThe 3rd will stun you(you will not beable come move), summon Shin right into the room and thenget taken out by The Third.

The Thirdwill then assault you as you room able to relocate again. To loss The Third, stun him (stun spells only, it seems -- not AA stuns) and also then litter a heal towards Shinwho will use the minute to damage The Third. After ~ a few roundsof this, it will certainly be simply you versus The Third, who will die pretty fast to her slay undead.

Once he is dead, the upgrade will take it place.


3) FELWITHE: Head backtoLady Caroline that Thex.

Hail her to complete the task and claim one of your epic ornaments.


EPIC inquiry (2)

1) FELWITHE: Repeat the same task / quest again (see above).


2) This time, insurance claim a different version of your epic ornaments.

You can always hail her and follow along, or to speak "Gift," to it is in awarded the ornaments again (should you should re-acquire castle or desire to obtain all four).

You will also complete: Achievement: An epic Request.



1) Repeat the very same task / quest again (see above,keyword "Retelling"), and bring your epic (the actualsword) with you.


2) lock MISTMOORE: This time, you need to be more careful through the event.

The event must be successfully completed in a path that contains a unique variation i beg your pardon is no outwardly obvious (this is true for every class, in their own events).

Careful analysis of the emotes and observationsof what wake up with particular MOB's,are the onlyclues you will certainly get.

With Paladins, the secret is allowing the MOB's come change type and the usage of stuns.

To attain this, perform not have a mercenary active, unless it's a healer.

Make certain you have the previousornaments on girlfriend (I don't know that thisis actually required, but it is the very first notation in the bottom home window of the task).

Equip her epic (sword), together this is likewise a suggested thing to carry out in the last fight (I don't recognize that this is compelled either, yet it will cover the bases, just in case).

What is required, for sure, is allowingthe MOB's the canchange form, to adjust form(one in particular,if not all of them). This is wherein things deserve to go bad.

Do no directlyattack them. Allow them dice to your damage shield as best you can. They have to die slowly so that their forms changes can take it place.

The MOB's that have the right to change type are the vampires and werewolves by the pond,Guard Captain Alkirk, the Guardian Gargoyle (all three),Drelan V'Dal andDebra. Number of of them change type twice. The form changes are merely a regressions to older graphic models that the past.

One key MOB for this form changingisDrelan V'Dal.When you room engagewith him, take turns stunning The Left Hand and The other Left Hand(they room on the piano) till you watch the article that his true kind as been revealed.

If you perform this right, once the entire event is defeated and you acquire your job update, girlfriend will see the message:

"Your resourcefulness in all points that do you a holy knight need to make for a much more interesting informing of this tale."

If you carry out not watch that message, something went wrong! drop the task and also start over.

Luckily for Paladin's, castle Mistmoore is only two zones away from Felwithe, therefore trying again is no a huge burden.


3) FELWITHE: Head earlier toLady Caroline the Thex.

Hail she to finish the task and claim among your brand-new ornament, Dawn.

You will additionally complete: Achievement: An epic Retelling.

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