The de Rune family plays a huge function throughout A pester Tale: Innocence. These are some things about them most fans more than likely missed.

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A plague Tale: Innocence speak the rather morbid story of two young siblings trying to make it through the black Death. Together with it rages the deadly hundreds Years" War between the kingdoms that England and France. Caught in the middle of this unfortunate proceedings is the de Rune family.

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transparent the game, players involved know the protagonist, Amicia de Rune, fairly well. The very same holds true for her brother, Hugo, that possesses a strange power over the legions of rats. Nevertheless, there"s constantly something much more to learn about the characters with a game rich in storytelling prefer A afflict Tale: Innocence.

10 The prestige Of Aquitaine

A middle ages Battlefield from A plague Tale Innocence
It"s created at the start of the game that Amicia and also her household live in Aquitaine. In the center Ages, this territory in southwestern France witnessed number of bouts of periodic turmoil. At the begin of the game, Amicia and also everyone else room nervous around the encroaching hazard of the English army.

What players might not realize is that the majesties of England concerned Aquitaine as their own. Once Henry II married Eleanor of Aquitaine in 1152, the former"s descendants taken into consideration the territory part of their domain. The majesties of France, naturally, disagreed. Rapid forward come 1348, the game"s setting, to witness the two dynasties still disputing the issue (among many others).

Robert de Rune indigenous A pester Tale Innocence
Robert de Rune, Amicia"s father, is a article in company to the king of France. As an legacy holder himself, Robert has a vested interest in keeping the soil of Aquitaine the end of English hands. Robert"s belt and elaborate apparel mark his condition as a knight and nobleman, respectively.

It"s implied that Robert de Rune is a veteran that the war"s previously period. His challenge is crisscrossed with countless scars and deformities, indeed injuries earn in battle. Due to the fact that knights often discovered themselves in the thick of battle, Robert"s martial prowess is considerable.

Amicia Walking through A Dark village From A plague Tale Innocence
during one"s very first playthrough that A afflict Tale: Innocence, fans may be a little confused regarding the nature that the Prima Macula. Although first implied to be a sort of medical condition, the Prima Macula is in reality a lot much more serious than a simple disease.

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A information players might have missed pertains to the Prima Macula"s origins. Lucas describes that the plague of Justinian, a serious outbreak that devastated the eastern Roman realm in the sixth century, to be the Prima Macula. Because that unknown reasons, details families room cursed through it in their bloodlines. The de Rune family members is among them. Although all the de Runes room implied to carry the curse in their blood, only certain family members, such as Hugo, ever manifest that in their lifetimes.

Possible choices For The de Rune household Coat Of eight From A plague Tale Innocence
Players starting a new game have actually the choice of picking the de Rune family"s coat-of-arms. It"s a an extremely minor aesthetic choice, altering not just the coat-of-arms chin but also Amicia"s and also Hugo"s clothing. Fans that look very closely at this choices, however, may notification something quite interesting.

No issue which shield is chosen, all contain the same mix of three symbols. Namely, they space the tree, the sun, and also the crescent. The meaning of heraldry is a enormous topic, but broadly speaking, these icons tend to represent life/hope and strength the character.

Amicia"s parents, Robert and Beatrice, serve relatively minor functions in the story. Together such, not too numerous details proliferate about their backstories. One amazing tidbit, however, go exist and also is a small easy to miss.

at the an extremely beginning that the game, Amicia and also Robert room taking component in a hunt. Together players are discovering the controls, they may overlook a little amount the dialogue concerning Robert"s and also Beatrice"s courtship. The story is the Robert supplied to tie a ribbon ~ above the branch that a tree. This ribbon offered as a signal regarding where the couple planned to meet.

Although particular aspects of A afflict Tale: Innocence are grounded in reality, the story proves to it is in quite great overall. The realms of fiction and non-fiction blend well together, forging an undeniably distinct world.

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This blend of fantasy and also reality was done on purpose. According to the developers, the story of Hugo and also Amicia was largely inspired by fairy tales. More specifically, it"s those story that regularly involve youngsters being thrust right into dangerous and also adult situations. The idea of the innocence that youth clashing through the depravities that the real human being is featured prominently. Inspect out this dev log in from emphasis Home Interactive for even more behind-the-scenes facts around the de Rune siblings.

The sling is Amicia"s primary weapon in the game. When provided strategically, it has the capacity to be quite disastrous even against an effective enemies. It"s currently established once the game begins that Amicia is no novice as soon as it comes to the sling"s usage.

Amicia"s sling was in reality a gift from her father, Robert. It"s interpreted the gift was intended to smooth over the boosting distance between Amicia and also her parents. Hugo"s disease occupies many of her parent"s time, a state of to work Amicia quiet resents.

A afflict Tale: Innocence, regardless of being a greatly linear experience, consists of a handful of ethereal interactions that are straightforward to miss. Unsurprisingly, numerous of these interactions and also dialogue sequences indicate Amicia and Hugo. Beginner on their very first playthrough would be forgiven for overlooking these instances.

because that example, in thing II, Hugo will begin to complain that he"s hungry. Players have the right to actually seek out one apple tree and also pick one because that Hugo. It"s a brief detour that"s completely optional and also unlocks some distinct dialogue and an achievement/trophy. There"s a comparable occurrence in thing IV wherein Amicia have the right to partake in a game of hide-and-seek with Hugo.

As stated previously, the backstory concerning Amicia"s parental isn"t defined in minute detail. However, players through sharp hearing can sometimes glean helpful information by listening come Amicia"s monologues as soon as retrieving a collectible.

One example, at an early stage in the game, occurs when Amicia choose up a key of spices. She"ll admit that among them, cinnamon, is she father"s favorite. Tiny details prefer these, although not terribly important, room fun to listen to nonetheless.

in spite of being siblings, Hugo and Amicia barely recognize each other. This is as result of Hugo"s isolation from the outside human being as his parental desperately try to discover a cure for the Prima Macula. Once thrust into unfamiliar circumstances, Hugo struggles to cope.

The effects of Hugo"s lifelong isolation can be witnessed in both overt and also subtle ways. He regularly lacks an knowledge of principles that people around him find obvious. Since the only person he ever connected with to be his mother, Hugo is often honest and also upfront around his feelings, also when voice them is socially impolite.

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