Make sure you are carefully following The Simpsons in order come be prepared for the coming misfortunes.


The human being is still reeling indigenous the shock of angry Donald Trump as the 45th chairman of the United says of America. The Republican candidate registered a brutally shocking win over Hillary Clinton which has led to mass mourning roughly the world. The human being is looking at America in utter shock as they chose the Orange head come be your POTUS. But wasn’t it currently predicted in the year 2000, then why together a reaction. The longest to run TV-sitcom The Simpsons had predicted Donald Trump together the future leader method back in 2000 in the savage Dystopian illustration Bart come the Future. Indigenous the ‘America You can Be my Ex-Wife’ days come ‘Let’s make America great Again’, filthily rich billionaire has absolutely come a lengthy way. Not exactly the an initial time when the Simpsons provided its viewers chilling see of the occasions from the future. Take it a look in ~ the eight tragedies guess by the Simpsons together we chose not to do anything about it.Also read - from In-Person fulfill With president Joe Biden come UNGA deal with | every You need to Know about PM Modi’s united state Tour

1. Forecast of Ebola Outbreak also Read - afternoon Modi, Mamata Banerjee, Adar Poonawalla ~ above Time Magazine"s 100 ‘Most Influential human being of 2021

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Much before the Ebola outbreak in 2014, the Simpsons warned us about the epidemic disease in briefly in 1997. The Simpsons episode dubbed ‘Lisa’s Sax’ indigenous the season nine showed Marge trying to make Bart that is down v fever into reading a book called ‘Curious George and also the Ebola Virus’. The book cover verified a noble monkey lie in bed. Monkeys who were lengthy suspected of being the transport of the virus did, in fact, do its means to America and claim its very first victim, Eric thomas Duncan.

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2. 9/11 attacks foreseen by The Simpsons


In 1997, the famous cartoon aired an episode called The City of new York vs. Homer Simpson in i m sorry Lisa is presented with a copy the a 9$ newspaper entitled ‘New York’. The unexplained symbolic depiction of number nine versus the pair tower seemed like very early warning around the coming strikes four years under the line. That was definitely one the their most horrific prophecies which came true.

3.Simpsons suspect the Syrian polite War


In among the most bizarre conspiracy theory of all time, that is thought Simpsons suspect the bloodshed Syrian civil war. The episode named new Kids on the Blecch observed Bart Simpson and his young band fall bombs on Arab dressed guys while one of the suspecting frames caught a jeep bearing a Syrian the opposite flag in 2001, specifically ten years prior to the outbreak the the civil war. One Egyptian tv network refusing to take it as a mere co-incidence declared the show to be a part of worldwide conspiracy to toppled Arab governments.

4. The mauling that Roy Horn by its white tiger


When skilled performers Siegfried and Roy were gorily mauled by among their white tigers Montecore in 2003, one might not stop thinking the the memorable Simpsons illustration $pringfield i m sorry aired in 1993. The illustration showcased a comparable freak event with Siegfried and also Roy’s parody characters, Gunter and also Ernst. Yes, specifically a te back, Simpsons anticipated the bloody attack.

5. The curse that mutated vegetables


In 1999, the episode title E-I-E-I (Annoyed Grunt) showed disgustingly large tomacco (mixing tobacco and tomatoes by making use of the radiation comes from plutonium rod) in family’s embraced farm. The visuals that ugly spring tomatoes became fresh in our memories again once news of deformed fruits and vegetables bordering Japan’s stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant were reported. Yes, the radiation would carry in worsening changes and also it was predicted by the Simpsons.

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6. Simpsons guess the UK’s burger King equine meat scandal


Way before UK’s burgess King equine meat scandal concerned light in at an early stage 2013; the Simpsons joked in Sweet Seymour Skinner’s Baadasssss track episode in 1994. Talking about Lunchlady Doris’ secret ingredient – assorted equine parks – now with much more testicles! one of the greatest scandals which shook Europe to be the presence of equine meat on the pretext of gift beef.