"Tis fine to watch the Old World and also travel up and also down among the well known palaces and cities the renown, To excellent the crumblyh castles and also the statues and also kings yet now ns think I"ve had enough of antiquated things. Therefore it"s home again, and home again, America for me! My love is transforming home again and also there I lengthy to be, In the soil of youth and freedom, past the ocean bars, where the wait is complete of sunlight and also the flag is full of stars.

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Oh, London is a man"s town, there"s strength in the air; and Paris is a woman"s town, with flowers in her hair; and also it"s sweet come dream in Venice, and it"s great to research Rome; yet when it pertains to living over there is no place like home. I choose the German fir-woods in eco-friendly battalions drilled; I prefer the gardens of Versailles through flashing foutains filled; But, oh, to take your had, my dear, and also ramble because that a job In the friendly west woodland whereby Nature has her sway!

I understand that Europe"s wonderful, yet something appears to lack! The previous is too lot with her, and also the people looking back. Yet the glory of the existing is to make the Future free-- us love ours land because that what she is and also what she is to be. Oh, it"s house again, and home again, America because that me! I desire a ship that"s from the west bound to till the roll sea, come the blessed floor of Room Enough, past the s bars, where the waiting is full of sunlight and the flag is complete of stars.

"" I understand that Europe"s wonderful, yet something appears to lack! The past is too lot with her, and the world looking back. Yet the glory of the current is to make the Future free- we love our land because that what she is and also what she is come be. ""- Europe and its past.. With human being looking earlier - this is true nowadays, also.. We, Europeans, are favor "lost souls" in a hole house.. Europe have to be our "home".. Yet, it is an unfinished building, where only one room is well furnished.. And it is rented through a bank..! however - regrettably - the present and also future that America, as well, is no what H. Valve Dyke hoped.. Merely look in ~ the GOP "circus" this days.. With all those absurd characters on stage..A bleak future because that the world, together a whole..

This poem was in one of my junior high textbooks. I totally agree through Mr. Valve Dyke"s sentiments. It"s great to visit other countries, yet there"s no location like the U.S.A. Because that calling home.

come Fabrizio Frosini: This country always corrects its very own mistakes. So also if you space right about the GOP, we will job-related ourselves to health and wellness again. We"ve excellent it in the past, and also we will execute it again.

In 1942, our sixth grade teacher, had actually every one, memorize this poem, and recite it, indigenous memory, come the class. In ~ our 50th course reunion, i stood up, and also started, v the words, " Tis well to watch the old world" , and every one joined, in unison, repeating every native of this patriotic, valve poem.

Remember finding out this city in one room schoolhouse in early 50s. It is heartwarming come experience every one of it again. Give thanks to you.

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