Niall Horan’s tune ‘Black and also White’ is component of the emotional brand-new movie, every My Life.

The trailer to reduce for new film All mine Life ~ above Monday and also the soundtrack for the emotional brand-new film is Niall Horan’s ‘Black and also White’ indigenous his second album ‘Heartbreak Weather’.

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Niall Horan's to reduce 'Heartbreak Weather' Merch & Fans room Living because that It

The romantic tune details a couple’s love story and contains apt lyrics for the new film, such as:

Yeah, i see united state in black and also white

Crystal clean on a star lit night

In all your gorgeous colours

I promise that I'll love you because that the rest of mine life

Niall Horan's 'Black and White' features on the all My Life soundtrack. Picture: Universal images / Getty

Niall’s fans space loving the reality his song has actually been picked for the soundtrack of the film, v one person writing: “So this movie offered Black and also White by Niall Horan and Harry Shum Jr is starring in it..... This is instantly an academy compensation winner. I don't make the rules.”

Another tweeted: “I watched this because that Niall's B&W yet this movie looks amazing. Can't wait!”

“A ROMANTIC MOVIE TRAILER through BLACK and also WHITE through NIALL HORAN play IN THE lift IS WHAT I essential TO CRY TO this particular day SO give thanks to YOU ,” declared another.

All my Life is about a true love story, adhering to Solomon Chau (played by bother Shum Jr) and also Jenn Carter (Jessica Rothe), together their relationship goes from toughness to strength before Sol’s health starts to swiftly deteriorate.

every My Life is based on a true story. Picture: Universal pictures

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NIALL song IN A MOVIE with HARRY SHUM JR ns AM LIVING because that THIS OMG the LOOKS SO an excellent

— ✨ Livvy²⁸ ✨ (

Hearing Black and also White by Niall in a movie provides me emotional rollercoaster. I can't wait to actually watch the movie