It may have been 70 degrees and sunny, but snow was coming down fast on 3rd Street Saturday.

"Us Louisiana people never have snow or anything, so the is quite fun," stated 7th-grader Ashlyn Saucier.

Event Coordinator Liz Lowry claimed the frosty mixture is a new feature because that this year"s Alex Winter Fete.

"We"ve brought in over 20 tons of snow," Lowry said.

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Along through the rare possibility for a snowball fight, households could likewise hit the ice.

"It was embarrassing to me because I dropped a lot of the times." stated skater Da"Vianna Brevelle.

Although the Brevelle sisters were new to ice cream skating last year, now they space pros.

"It"s far better this year because I learned just how to skate," Brevelle said.

After a rain the end in 2016, Lowry said this year"s crowds have been impressive.

"Last night we met v the mayor and we are having actually predictions of about 15,000 come 20,000 over the an initial two days," Lowry said. "We room expecting roughly 20,000 today, so we room hoping to rest some records with 40,000 to add attendance."

One hundred of those guests got their morning going v the yearly Ugly pullover 5K, increasing money for the joined Way.

They joined the remainder of the festival ~ to reap the handmade vendors.

"You acquire to see so numerous different people and you know simply meet new faces," claimed Southern by Grace tradition Designs owner Mallary Soileau. "It is simply a most fun."

There were likewise Indie and Multicultural vendors.

"We show civilization the long history and rich culture in China," stated LSUA professor lengthy Li. "We have actually arts, calligraphy, music and also tea come show people that we share much more similarities than differences."

Festivalgoer Katie Ryland said this year"s Winter Fete has improved.

"This year there room so countless vendors," Ryland said. "And the kids are just having actually a blast with the snow and train rides, and also the weather is perfect."

Lowry said Winter Fete"s main goal is to bring the neighborhood together because that the holidays.

"Something our community was begging for to be a festival that was focused around the holidays," Lowry said. "This is what we"ve done. The much more that we deserve to have community partners come together and celebrate this and aid make that happen, the more that us can proceed to flourish this."

Which the Brevelle sisters don"t mind supporting.

"It"s funny to do when you don"t have actually anything else to do," stated Ja" Keria Brevelle.

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