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Sweet Brown is a pseudonym used by Kimberly Wilkins, one Oklahoma City resident who was interviewed by neighborhood news station KFOR News Channel 4 after evacuating from her apartment structure that was set on fire. She emphatic testimony the the chaotic scene conveniently led to enormous exposure ~ above YouTube, comparable to those the Antoine Dodson and also Eccentric evil Lady.

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On the morning of April 7th, 2012, a three-alarm fire damaged out in ~ an Oklahoma City apartment complicated in Oklahoma, leave one person hospitalized for smoke inhalation and five units damaged.<2> The regional station KFOR News Channel 4<1> was among the first to come on the scene and interview among the displaced inhabitants Sweet Brown. Throughout the interview, she proclaimed that she had actually woken increase to gain a “cold pop” as soon as she assumed someone to be grilling prior to she realized there was a fire. Brown climate proceeded to run out that the apartment there is no shoes. In describing the heavy presence that smoke native the fire, she uttered “ain’t nobody acquired time because that that!” which became one of the much more memorable lines.

The clip was an initial uploaded to YouTube<4> by KFOR employee Ted Malave ~ above the very same day, however, one more version uploaded through YouTuber lucasmarr<5> ~ above April 9th came to be the many shared variation to date, acquiring over 1 million views and over 109,000 on facebook shares<6> within 48 hours.


The video clip was reposted ~ above Tosh.0<8> top top April 10th and also eBaum"s World<7> the adhering to day. News sites including Hypervocal<9>, long Island Press<10>, and WCSH Portland<11>, also as society sites i know well Hop Wired<13>, Gawker<14> and also Buzzfeed<15> report on the video between April 10th and also 11th. On august 23rd, Boston radio station WAAF released a ringtone featuring the catchphrase native the interview.

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Follow-up Interview

On April 12th, NBC carried out a follow-up interview<3> through both Sweet Brown and also her son, that were supposedly shocked by the amount of YouTube see her initial news report had actually received. This interview showed up on MSNBC<12> the exact same day.

On April 13th, lucusmarr, who uploaded the original new clip 4 days prior, discovered Sweet Brown via she son. He brought her 4 instances Royal Crown Cola, i beg your pardon Sweet Brown comment "I really gained time for this!"