A compelling story of agency, survival, struggle and triumph end adversity

More than any type of other text, The African-American Odyssey illuminates the central place that African-Americans in U.S. Background by telling the story that what it has meant come be black color in America and how African-American background is inseparably woven right into the better context of American history. From Africa to the 21st century, this publication follows the long and turbulent journey of African-Americans, the rich society they have nurtured transparent their history and the quest for liberty through i m sorry African-Americans have actually sought to counter oppression and racism. This text additionally recognizes the diversity in ~ the African-American sphere, offering coverage that class and also gender and also balancing the lives of plain men and women through accounts of black leaders and the impact each has had actually on the battle for freedom.

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About the Author:

Darlene Clark Hine is a board of Trustees professor that African-American studies and also professor of history at Northwestern University.She is a other of the American Academy the Arts and Sciences and also a former president the the company of American Historians and also of the Southern historical Association.Hine obtained her B.A. At Roosevelt college in Chicago and her MA. And also Ph.D. Indigenous Kent State college in Kent, Ohio. Hine has actually taught at southern Carolina State University and at Purdue University.She likewise taught at Michigan State college where she was man A. Hannah professor the history. She was a other at the center for progressed Study in the behavioral Sciences in ~ Stanford University and at the Radcliffe institute for advanced Studies in ~ Harvard University. She is the author and/or co-editor of 15 books, many recently The Harvard guide to african American history (Cambridge: Harvard university Press, 2000), co-edited with Evelyn Brooks Higginbotham and Leon Litwack. She co-edited a two-volume collection with Earnestine Jenkins, A inquiry of Manhood: A reader in black color Men’s history and Masculinity (Bloomington: Indiana college Press, 1999, 2001) and one v Jacqueline McLeod, crossing Boundaries: Comparative background of Black civilization in Diaspora (Bloomington: Indiana university Press, 2000pk). With Kathleen Thompson she created A Shining object of Hope: The history of Black ladies in America (New York: Broadway Books, 1998) and also edited much more Than Chattel: black Women and also Slavery in the ameri (Bloomington: Indiana university Press, 1996) through Barry Gaspar. She won the Dartmouth Medal that the American Library Association because that the reference volumes co-edited through Elsa Barkley Brown and also Rosalyn Terborg-Penn, Black women in America: An historical Encyclopedia (New York: Carlson Publishing, 1993). She is the author of Black ladies in White: racial Conflict and Cooperation in the parenting Profession, 1890–1950 (Bloomington: Indiana college Press, 1989). Her forthcoming publication is entitled The Black professional Class: Physicians, Nurses, Lawyers, and the origins of the Civil rights Movement, 1890–1955.

William C. Hine received his undergraduate education and learning at Bowling green State University, his master’s degree at the university of Wyoming and also his Ph.D. At Kent State University. That is a professor of background at southern Carolina State University. He has had posts published in number of journals, including farming History, Labor history and the newspaper of southerly History. That is currently writing a history of south Carolina State University.

Stanley Harrold, a professor of history at south Carolina State University, received his bachelor’s level from Allegheny College and also his master’s degree and Ph.D. Indigenous Kent State University. The is co-editor of southerly Dissent, a book series published by the University push of Florida. In 1991-1992 and 1996-1997 he had National Endowment for the humanities Fellowships.In 2005 he received an na Faculty research study Award. His publications include: Gamaliel Bailey and also Antislavery Union (Kent, Ohio: Kent State university Press, 1986), The Abolitionists and also the southern (Lexington: University push of Kentucky, 1995), Antislavery Violence: Sectional, Racial, and social Conflict in Antebellum America (co-edited with John R. McKivigan; Knoxville: college of Tennessee Press, 1999), American Abolitionists (Harlow, U.K.: Longman, 2001), Subversives: Antislavery community in Washington, D.C., 18280-1865 (Baton Rouge: Louisiana State university Press, 2003), The increase of aggressive Abolitionism: Addresses to the servants (Lexington: University push of Kentucky, 2004), polite War and Reconstruction: A Documentary leader (Oxford, U.K.: Blackwell, 2007) and Border War: Fighting end Slavery prior to the Civil war (Chapel Hill: university of phibìc Carolina Press, 2010).

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He has published short articles in Civil war History, journal of southern History, Radical history Review and Journal of the early Republic.