Salary: 2.1 - 2.7 Million KRW (dependent upon experience)BENEFITS:- 10 job vacation- payment airfare- Healthcare- Pension plan- paid apartment

We carry out our teachers through an honest, upfront, “no-bull” perspective, and we occupational tirelessly to prepare each teacher come live and work overseas for a year. We are conscious of and also interested in every teacher’s distinctive needs and desires because we were all teachers once, too! anyone on the at team has lived and also taught in Korea, and we usage our sector experience to help you navigate the ever-changing oriental job market.

We room committed to finding a work setting that is fine suited for you, and also we’re committed to helping you navigate the cultural intricacies utilizing our expertise and multi-cultured team. It deserve to seem overwhelming to pursue the application procedure and acquire your foot in the door, but rest assured, our selection procedure is straightforward, and we will be right next to you every action of the way!

Visit our website to send an application or request an ext information. Korean schools hire year round, so currently is constantly the perfect time come apply!

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Travel & Teach - Teach in Korea (100% free Placement)
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Paid teaching & TEFL regimen in southern Korea with TravelBud

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 Yes, ns recommend this program


Apr 23, 2021

I have experience to teach FET students in a variety of settings. Ns am right now teaching grades 10,11 and 12 at Haven Academy school. As an education coordinator , I additionally have experience teaching winter (holiday) classes. Your college emphasizes its distinctive position in qaulity Education, so ns think my varied experiences would make me an asset to her program.

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Your school likewise strives to connect students in the larger community. I have lots of experience incorporating community company projects right into my classrooms. Because that example, as a Geograpy teacher, i led class 10 leaners on tree life, and also we volunteered in ~ a local community garden. I would certainly love to discover ways to integrate organization learning into my class plans.

It is my goal to combine my range of experience with my capability to be a compassionate, enthusiastic, smart teacher that will do a hopeful contribution to your school and larger community. I would welcome an interview and hope come hear from friend at her earliest convenience.

What to be the many unfamiliar thing you ate?
One kind of fish ns don't know. It was my an initial time seeing it.
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 Yes, i recommend this program

Adventure teaching is great but They're not in control of Everything

Apr 10, 2019

And nor should they be.

They execute their jobs an extremely well in state of obtaining you well all set to leave through a an extremely well-laid the end Visa process. They executed in helping me acquire here nearly flawlessly. They have the right to be a tiny delayed ~ above getting ago but that's understandable provided the volume of points they have to deal with.

Getting a visa can have a lot of hiccups and also they assist you attend to them well.

They only thing I found less than vital was going with the take trip agency, that were not so responsive and didn't law the critical minute nature of getting a plane ticket after ~ going through a big visa process urgently enough.

In regards to the school and Hakwon...well...that's an additional story. This, in mine opinion is largely out the AT's details control. Over there is A many that can make or break her experience. And just prefer with any type of job it all comes down to her "management" for absence of a far better term.

In my case, ns walked into an pure circus. It to be hands down the many stressful 2 mainly of starting a job in mine life.

I might write at length regarding why. In summery, ns was the only aboriginal teacher right here for 2 weeks and for the cool opening the a Hakwon literally the second I landed. No one of this to be AT's fault.

The training because that the curriculum was also extremely rushed and also confusing. Many of the teachers that came together agreed: there essential to have actually been an ext time getting settled here and also for training.

Believe the rumors, Korea is really last minute culture.

So all in all, at did their work well.Hakwons deserve to be a crap shoot and also for factors that are cultural, or totally individual to the school and the human being working there.Public institution contracts will constantly be better than Hakwons (in my and also many peoples' opinions). The contracts for Hakwons are pretty intense in terms of "expected to teach hours".

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Just recognize what you're acquiring into before you decision to perform this.

That does't really have anything to perform with in ~ in mine opinion. That seems choose they were pretty transparent about the whole thing minus a pair of details the may have been important. In my instance the truth that my institution was brand new, and that among the original native teachers backed the end (well...she didn't earlier out per se...that's a whole various story i won't obtain into) do me the only native teacher because that the first week that opening and the very first week of institution which was easily the most stressful working problem I have ever before endured.


AT: 9/10The korean SideApartment: 9/10Treatment: 9/10The logistic of their Business: 6/10Stress from cool opening: 4/10Oddities i won't cave into: 5/10

Notes: You gain sick? Suck the up. I gained picked up prior to school, a shooting in my a**, the quickest doctors appointment and also pill prescription of my life and also I was ago in the classroom to teach ON TIME. There room not off days in ~ my location, barring a significant illness.

Also, at didn't point out this and also they need to. Waiting pollution. It's serious. Don't allow anyone convince you it's not. The oriental staff mine laugh that off. Utter stupidity to carry out so.Get masks and also purify your apartment air properly. Look for "Clean Air principles Korea" on on facebook for a smart expat neighborhood finding cheap ways to attend to this problem in southern Korea.