Adam Lasher is a height 24 semi-finalist top top American Idol 2016. The top 24 for season 15 to be revealed in American Idol spoilers in December via a leaked list from The Idol Pad. This season’s top 24 contestants room an uneven mix that guys and girls, through 13 woman competitors, and only 11 masculine hopefuls.

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Adam Lasher American Idol Audition (FOX/YouTube)

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Adam Lasher American Idol audition video.

Fans who watched critical season of Idol may remember Adam Lasher, who survived to Hollywood Week, yet was eliminated before making it v to the next round. Frankly, we think the American Idol judges made a mistake through this guy, and we are very glad to see him back again for the last season. Also judge take care of Connick Jr. Called him a “superstar” and also we are positive he’ll do it all the way to the finalist ring this season.

Adam Lasher is the nephew the musical an excellent Carlos Santana, and the talent reportedly runs strongly in this family! he is not just a beautiful vocalist, however an accomplished all approximately musician and also songwriter. He auditioned for season 14 — with a damaged thumb no less! — performing his own original composition, “These Shoes.” ~ his audition, Adam said the Los Angeles Times the was relocated to find he had actually inspired fellow sufferers of kind 1 diabetes and that helped store him grounded throughout his first run top top the series.

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Even despite he is clearly screaming v talent, Adam doesn’t rely on just his natural gifts alone. He attended the Berklee college of Music in Boston and also studied guitar and also musical theory, follow to the Los Angeles Times. He likewise formed his very own group, the Adam Lasher Band, mix rock, Latin and also blues right into a distinct sound. Together Adam claims on his facebook page, “genres space dead” when it concerns music, and also he doesn’t like to have his music stuck into a collection category.

Adam Lasher YouTube Videos

Stay tuned v us here at all season long as we bring you the latest news top top American Idol contestant Adam Lasher. Us wish him luck on making the critical round!