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In publication 11, Odysseus and also his guys sail come Oceanus, where they proceed to make sacrifices in bespeak to fulfill the shades of death. After Odysseus speaks with the shade of Teiresias, that instructs the to leaving Helios"s livestock unharmed, that meets the the shade of Achilles. Odysseus at first attempts to...

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In book 11, Odysseus and his males sail to Oceanus, where they continue to do sacrifices in stimulate to satisfy the shades that death. After ~ Odysseus speaks v the the shade of Teiresias, that instructs that to leave Helios"s cattle unharmed, the meets the shade of Achilles. Odysseus at first attempts to lull Achilles through commenting on his revered legacy, but Achilles responds by saying that he would quite be a servant than remain among the dead. Achilles climate asks Odysseus around his family and also comments top top his desire to defend his father versus people who disrespect Peleus"s home.

Odysseus responds by informing Achilles that his son, Neoptolemus, dealt with bravely in battle and also played a far-reaching role in their win over Troy. After ~ Achilles listens come Odysseus intricate on his son"s exploits, his shade promptly moves away, rejoicing and celebrating his son. Through Odysseus"s communication with Achilles, he discovers that the underworld is an awful location where comfort and pleasure do not exist. Indigenous Achilles, Odysseus learns that it is significantly better to remain alive, even if one would live together a slave.

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Odysseus also learns that one"s an individual achievements space not as vital as the success of one"s children. Similar to Neoptolemus, Odysseus can look front to someday celebrating Telemachus. Odysseus additionally learns the prominence of protecting one"s home after Achilles mentions his plans come avenge the individuals who disrespect his father"s estate. Overall, Odysseus learns to savor life, look front to his son"s achievements, and also protect his residence at all expenses during his communication with the shade of Achilles.