The quote, "accuse the various other side of that which you space guilty" is regularly attributed to Joseph Goebbels.

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For example this meme and also it additionally appears in and

I have looked because that it in the wikiquote entry about him. I have likewise checked this article about "Fraudulent Nazi Quotations". Nobody of them cite it.

Did Goebbels speak this?



I was unable to uncover anything the same, similar thing this quote in one of two people German or English.

The closestly quote is one from the Nurenberg rally in 1934:

The cleverest trick used in propaganda against Germany during the war was to suspicion Germany the what our opponents themselves were doing.

While this isn"t proof the Goebbels didn"t also say the quote in question, a complete lack of any sources at least suggests that who may have loosely character him to get a more fitting quote.

The earliest date that the quote showed up on the internet seems to be in this fairly recent tweet from may 2015.

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