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Book description

Designing a magazine or internet website without an art background? Tip away from the computer and read this breezy advent to visual interactions first. Written for non-designers, White Space is Not Your Enemy is a handy graphic design and layout text introducing the ideas and also techniques vital for producing effective visual communications across a selection of layouts, from print to Internet.This beautifully illustrated, full-color book covers the basics to aid you construct your eye and also produce attrenergetic job-related. Topics include:* The basics of effective architecture that communicates its intfinished message* Pre-design planning* 13 Layout Sins to avoid* Basic typography* Working through color* Storyboarding for video, Internet, and also presentions* Information graphics* Mini Art School--all the basics in one chapter* Outputting your occupational

Table of contents

chapter 1: what is design?: making visuals & type play nice in room chapter 2: action away from the computer: for study & brainstorming chapter 3: i must design this today: the works-every-time layout chapter 4: layout sins: 13 amateur errors chapter 5: mini art school: the facets, ethics & theories of architecture chapter 6: layout: wright here to put visuals & form for impact chapter 7: type: what you don’t know have the right to hurt you chapter 8: shade basics: choosing & making use of color chapter 9: adding visual appeal: working via photos & illustrations chapter 10: infographics: maximum information in minimum space chapter 11: storyboarding: planning visual storyinforming chapter 12: multimedia components: periodically even more is more chapter 13: developing for the web: starring on the small display screen chapter 14: fit to print: an introduction of records & printing chapter 15: conclusion: currently that you understand enough to be dangerous, thanks for avoiding by

Product information

Title: White Gap is Not Your Enemy, 2nd Edition Author(s): Kim Golombiskies, Rebecca Hagen Release date: March 2013 Publisher(s): Focal Press ISBN: 9781136081019


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