From Dublin take the M3 motorway, leave 10 because that Kells South, additionally take the N3 North through Navan, monitor the main road it rotates you get in Kells town.

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Via M1 Motorway or Drogheda: from the M1 (this road is tolled) comes from Belfast, take it the departure for junction 10, take the N51 leave to Slane/Drogheda North. At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit top top N51 headed for Slane. If comes from Drogheda take the N51 headed towards Slane also. Head west on main Street/N51 towards Churchlands, proceed to follow N51, Turn ideal onto R163, rotate left to stay on R163, Turn appropriate onto R162, take it the 1st left onto R163. You room entering Kells Town

Region: Kells , Kells (0)46 9240064

The heritage town of Kells contains many fine instances of beforehand medieval Christian architecture.

Kells derives native the irish Ceanannas Mór, meaning ‘great residence`. Long prior to the resulting Christianity, Kells to be a imperial residence linked with the legendary Conn Céadchatach (Conn the the hundred Battles) and Cormac mac Airt. In 550 St. Columba, also known as St. Colmcille, developed a religious settlement at Kells. In 563 he got in self imposed exile of the Isle of Iona, off the west coastline of Scotland and founded another settlement. The island was raided through Viking fleets in 795, 802 and again in 804 once sixty-eight civilization were killed. Soon after, the ar of St. Columba`s monastery on Iona were granted lands in ~ Kells as a safe haven indigenous invaders.

Generally, monastic settlements were surrounded by a one boundary wall surface called a vallum, i m sorry acted together a frontier between the holy human being within and the secular human being outside. Lock often had a church, graveyard, high crosses, monk`s cells and from the so late 10th century round towers likewise became a feature.

The very first church at Kells to be completed by 814 and also in 878 the relics the St. Columba to be relocated from Iona, i beg your pardon was currently prospering. However, Kells itself to be raided through the Vikings in 919, 950 and 969, and many times throughout the 11th century, this time by the Irish. The most famous treasure produced by the ar of St. Columba is the book of Kells, a extremely ornate variation of the 4 gospels in Latin. It to be written around the year 800, though it continues to be unclear even if it is it was composed in hole or part at Kells.


Although Kells became critical Anglo-Norman walled settlement, it is that monastic legacy that ideal survives. ‘Kells` round tower, despite roofless, stands at height of 25m. In 1076 Murchadh Mac Flainn, who was fighting for the High Kingship of Ireland, to be murdered in the tower. The tower is surrounded by several carefully carved high crosses, in various states the preservation. A stone church recognized as St. Columba`s House, dating from the ninth century is possibly the earliest surviving framework in the town. That is a standard example of an early Irish church through a steeply pointed rock roof. The Kells Courthouse was initially designed in 1801 through Francis Johnson, who additionally designed the GPO top top O`Connell St. Dublin. The sector Cross that Kells, which dates from the ninth century and also depicts scenes from the Old and brand-new Testaments, can be watched at the junction the the Navan / Dublin (N3) road and the Slane road in former of the Kells legacy Centre. Commence the Kells historic Trail at Kells Couthouse wherein a map can be obtained.

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Listen to some wonderful audio top top Kells Hertiage Town- part of the Boyne sink Drive:


The Kells Crosier, dating from the late nine or 10th century, is in the brother Museum, London. In 1850 it appeared without explanation in a solicitor`s office in the English capital. A replica is hosted at the Kells Courthouse travel and cultural Hub.