Above: The actors of A place To speak to Home in ~ the table. Brimming through passion, romance, and intrigue, the Australian drama A ar TO speak to HOME explores the ties the hold households together – and also the betrayals that deserve to tear them apart.

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Brimming v passion, romance, and also intrigue, the Australian drama A ar TO contact HOME explores the ties the hold households together – and also the betrayals that deserve to tear lock apart.

In Season 3, the inhabitants of Inverness uncover themselves encountering both internal and external threats to their method of life, and also previous relationships room tested as secrets are revealed.

Brimming with passion, romance, and also intrigue, the Australian drama A location TO contact HOME explores the ties that hold families together – and also the betrayals that have the right to tear lock apart.


(broadcast days subject to change)

Episode 1: “The points We do for Love” airs Sunday, Nov. 5 in ~ 7 p.m. - George has been shot, and also only Rene and Regina know what happened. Sarah attempts to console Rene, who has been taken into custody.

Unaware of her father"s injury, Anna make the efforts to enjoy her honeymoon with Gino while handling the allegations in Andrew"s letter.

Episode 2: "L"chaim, come Life" airs Sunday, Nov. 12 in ~ 7 p.m. - George return to Ash Park and also plans to make critical announcement in ~ his welcome-home dinner.

Sarah battles to rest the news of her pregnancy to Rene.

Anna tells Gino around James"s secret, however Gino"s reaction reasons tension in their marriage.

Episode 3: "Somewhere past The Sea" airs Sunday, Nov. 19 at 7 p.m. - buy it goes come Sydney under the pretense that visiting she sick aunt, if Jack keeps an eye ~ above Rene.

Now living in the city, Mrs. Bligh join a charity group.

Back at Ash Park, an artist girlfriend of Carolyn"s come to paint Olivia"s portrait, and Regina organizes a card party to help George"s politics aspirations.

Episode 4: "Too Old come Dream" airs Sunday, Dec. 17 in ~ 7 p.m. - buy it decides not to go with with an abortion, but meets a no hope young woman and also her mother at the clinic.

After a debate about art, teacher Richard obstacles Carolyn to compose a critique for one of his newspapers.

Olivia dreams about her encounter through Lloyd.

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Sara Wiseman together Carolyn Bligh and also Arianwen Parkes-Lockwood together Olivia Bligh.

Episode 5: "Living In The Shadow" airs Sunday, Dec. 31 in ~ 7 p.m. - Rene stays cold to Sarah following the revelation the she"s transporting George"s baby.

After one of Regina"s hazards goes too far, she retreats to the farmhouse, but still proves dangerous.

Anna confides in Olivia around her unhappiness, accidentally discover the components of Andrew"s letter.

Episode 6: "In the warmth Of The Night" airs Sunday, Jan. 7 in ~ 7 p.m. - Sarah has taken ill and fears for the life of her baby. George overhears the hospital gossip and wonders if the baby can be his.

Olivia continues her tryst v Lloyd, when James learns much more about Dr. Fox.

In Sydney, Douglas access time Elizabeth and also puts his heart on the line, heralding his feelings because that her.

Episode 7: "Sins of The Father" airs Sunday, Jan. 14 at 7 p.m. - top top the anniversary of Lewis Bligh"s death, George mirrors on the troubled partnership he had with his father.

After accidentally attacking Sarah, Rene decides come undergo mind surgery, however Sarah refuses to authorize the consent form.

Episode 8: "Till fatality Do us Part" airs Sunday, Jan. 21 in ~ 7 p.m. - Rene go under the knife, and also Sarah worries that he could never wake up up.

Gino"s desires are crushed when his grapevines die.

On the morning of baby George"s christening, Regina make the efforts to guide James to return to Ash Park in the really hopes of prove her loyalty to George.

Photo credit: Courtesy the American public Television

Arianwen Parkes-Lockwood together Olivia Bligh hold the baby.

Episode 9: "The Mourners" Kadish" airs Sunday, Jan. 28 in ~ 7 p.m. - George and also Regina wed, despite the protestations that Elizabeth and Carolyn.

Sarah makes arrangements for Rene to be hidden according to Jewish customs, with the aid of Roy and Doris.

Douglas continues his search of Elizabeth.

Photo credit: Courtesy of American publicly Television

Regina Standish (Jenni Baird) and George Bligh (Brett Climo).

Episode 10: "The Love Undeniable" airs Sunday, Feb. 4 at 7 p.m. - Tensions run high in ~ Ash Park. Following an dispute with Gino, Anna in the interim moves ago home through her family.

When James make the efforts to talk to his brother-in-law, Gino expose what the knows about the baby, setup off a chain of occasions with disastrous consequences.

Douglas gives Elizabeth one ultimatum.

Photo credit: Courtesy the American windy Television

Anna Bligh (Abby Earl) and also James Bligh (David Berry).


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