A ________ is a repertoire of connected data that can be stored, sorted, organized, and also queried.A) databaseB) spreadsheetC) memoD) macro
If a college keeps two lists, one for student registration and also one for college student financial information, both containing surname and address information, this is an instance of data ________.A) integrityB) redundancyC) completenessD) normalization
Data ________ means that the data had in a database is accurate and reliable.A) efficiencyB) integrityC) redundancyD) consistency
Data ________ help to for sure data integrity by maintaining info in only one place. A) flexibilityB) redundancyC) mappingD) centralization
In a database, the ax ________ is synonymous with a classification of information.A) fieldB) recordC) rowD) table
In a database, a group of related records is referred to as a(n) ________.A) memoB) fieldC) objectD) table
In a Microsoft access database, something prefer the Gettysburg address would be stored in a(n) ________ field.A) message B) lengthy textC) short textD) object
You can set a ________, i m sorry is immediately displayed in a field unless the user beginning something different.A) default valueB) relationC) ar typeD) numeric check
Which that the adhering to is a likely primary an essential in a student info record?A) critical nameB) date of birthC) college student ID numberD) first name
________ is offered to ensure that data is arranged most efficiently in a database.A) Consistency checkingB) ValidationC) NormalizationD) range checking
________ databases room the most frequently used electronic databases.A) RelationalB) Flat-fileC) MultidimensionalD) Object-oriented
A ________ relationship suggests that because that each document in a table, over there is only a solitary corresponding record in a related table.A) many-to-oneB) one-to-manyC) one-to-oneD) many-to-many
________ method that for each worth in the foreign key of one table, there is a corresponding value in the primary an essential of an additional table.A) Referential integrityB) NormalizationC) Database consistencyD) document integrity
Nontraditional data in object-oriented databases such as audio clips, video clip clips, pictures, and very huge documents are dubbed ________ data.A) enterpriseB) structuredC) unstructuredD) multidimensional
Data in a multidimensional database is arranged in a ________ format.A) linearB) modularC) cubeD) cellular
A ________ inspect would be used in a field to border the fines because that speeding hurt so the they fall between $50 and also $250.A) completenessB) rangeC) consistencyD) numeric
A(n) ________ check determines whether a required field such together LastName to be filled in.A) completenessB) rangeC) consistencyD) alphabetic
A ________ check compares the values of data in two or much more fields to watch whether those values space reasonable.A) correctnessB) rangeC) consistencyD) numeric
You would use a ________ in a database to temporarily display records of citizens for the city of Boston.A) sieveB) filterC) validation ruleD) ar constraint
A(n) ________ is a means of retrieving info from one or much more tables that defines a certain subset of data.A) validation ruleB) field constraintC) enquiryD) query
A ________ displays a subset that data indigenous a table (or tables) based upon the specified criteria.A) table queryB) join queryC) choose queryD) criteria query
SQL uses ________ to extract records from a database by utilizing English-like expressions that have variables and operations.A) Boolean algebraB) relational algebraC) main keysD) foreign keys
________ involves taking data from your database and also putting it into an electronic paper in a layout that one more external application or database have the right to recognize.A) ExportingB) ImportingC) EnhancingD) Extracting
A data ________ is a massive collection of data that contains and organizes every one of an organization"s data in one place.A) martB) chainC) warehouseD) storehouse
Data staging consists of all of the following steps, other than ________.A) transforming the dataB) mining the dataC) storing the data in a warehouseD) extract the data
Big data analytics is usually connected with ________ services.A) office assistance B) data warehouseC) management details D) decision assistance
In a transaction-processing system (TPS), if the TPS database have the right to be queried and updated while the transaction is taking place, this is dubbed ________ processing.A) directB) batchC) real-timeD) immediate
Management info systems (MIS) provide reports called ________ reports, i m sorry show problems that space unusual or need attention from users of the system.A) detailB) summaryC) exceptionD) expert
Siri, the personal assistant applications on Apple"s iphone phone is an example of a ________.A) natural language processing (NLP) systemB) decision support mechanism (DSS)C) management information system (MIS)D) database monitoring system (DBMS)
________ is the branch of computer science that attempts come create computer systems that think favor humans.A) natural language processingB) expert systemsC) man-made intelligence D) Enterprise resource planning
In a Microsoft access database, an energetic web page, e-mail address, or existing file is stored as a(n) ________ field.

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When working through a relational database, each document must have a(n) ________ key field, which has actually a value distinctive to the record.
In a relational database, a(n) ________ relationship shows that a record that shows up only one time in a table, may appear multiple times in a associated table.
Referential integrity method that for each worth in the ________ field of a table, there is a matching value in the primary crucial of the associated table.
________ databases are far better than relational databases at dealing with unstructured data such as audio clips, video clips, and also pictures.

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A(n) ________ database stores data in much more than two dimensions, as opposed to relational databases, which store data in two-dimensional tables.