Kye tells the story of she mother’s rescue equine Quincy and his decreasing health.

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My mother’s dream since childhood to be to have a horse. She to be not approximately horses together a kid, various other than in books, and also only began riding in her 20s. In she 40s, she began volunteering in ~ a equine rescue. She was interested in fairly a couple of of the steeds that pass through, choose Troy, the thoroughbred that wasn’t fast enough to it is in a racehorse.

Still, regardless of encouragement from countless of her friends, she never relocated forward with the adoption procedure herself. She served on the board of the rescue, doing every little thing from planning fundraisers to mucking stalls come going come (largely inhumane) steed auctions to conserve as countless horses as possible from being sent out to slaughter.

On Feb. 21, 2010, my mom woke up before dawn to set out for a equine auction in brand-new Holland, Pa. Eight-year-old me had left she a note, analysis “I expect you uncover your dream equine today.”

When they came down on the auction, my mother and also another mrs separated indigenous the team of horse rescue volunteers. The end of nowhere, a small, bay gelding tethered to the wall turned his head as much as the could and called the end to them.

My mom jokes the he knew they to be the good guys, several of the few people there v an attention in preserving life quite than profiting off finishing it. She and also the other volunteer walked closer, and also the horse just retained whinnying, or, together my mommy says, “talking” — begging for help.

They returned to the group, and also my mother encouraged the others to bid ~ above the amazing horse. During the auction, a guy stood ~ above the horse in a stunt to plan to show his worth. This demonstration, an unified with my mother’s moving story, brought about the rescue come bid ~ above the horse. They were bidding versus a popular “kill buyer,” but in the end, the rescue outbid him.

After the auction, the horses rescued by the organization were sent out to a landscape area in Pennsylvania to be quarantined. The entirety time, my mother thought the the only she had actually seen. Exactly how incredible, she thought, the really, he had saved himself by picking the correct people to speak to out to. However sometimes equines were embraced before return to the rescue’s long Island location. And besides, she didn’t have the experience, the time, the money... She couldn’t obtain a horse.

Quincy has actually been our for 11 years now.

Quincy has actually been our for 11 years now — and also yesterday, everything happily ever after we had stumbled into was shattered. What had been assumed to be some kind of dental worry was in reality an wild tumor. The sort of aggressive that strikes bone and also flesh and also connotes death soon ~ diagnosis.

I should have actually known it to be serious once he was lugged to an animal hospital. Ns should have known it to be urgent as soon as I to be reminded it was the birthday of the human being trailering Quincy to the hospital. I should have actually known my mom well sufficient to take into consideration that she plays every little thing down.

Quincy will be put to sleep whenever the pain i do not care too lot for him come eat. This will most likely be in a couple of weeks or months. One equine with this diagnosis lasted an additional two years, two years that i assume were filled v suffering.

How have the right to the horse with such personality and fierceness be spend by something so unexpected and cruel? What kind of animal saves his very own life at an auction only to it is in taken under by something so unfair?

At a only 14.2 hands, Quincy is simply barely categorized together a steed rather than as a pony. Still, despite his stature, that is mighty, the takes up space, that is mine mother’s dream come true and now the is being ripped away from us.

And I can not check out him again. Once she called me over the phone with certainty the he to be dying, ns spoke words “no” repeatedly prior to switching to “I’m coming home.”

But there space still no answers. He can rapidly decline; he can last yet many more months or years. I am grappling v a lose that has actually yet to totally set in and that ns am not equipped to deal with.

My mom sobbed every day yesterday. I have actually been misty-eyed in ~ points both yesterday and also today, yet the tears have refused come come. I perform not think it will certainly hit me until he is important gone, in the moment that ns watch him loss to the ground. I will be there, and also that is a promise. The happily ever before after is reduced short, and also yet the finish may be a long one with a story of its own.

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Madelyn Kye is a sophomore from lengthy Island, N.Y. Majoring in writing Seminars and also International Studies.