JoJo: The Egypt 9 Glory gods From Stardust Crusaders, Ranked according To toughness The Stardust Crusaders ran into plenty of hard enemies throughout your journey to Egypt. But these were few of the toughest.

The Egypt 9 Glory Gods are a group of Stand customers from JoJo"s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders. The 9 Glory Gods room an upstream faction the DIO"s army, consisted of of 9 was standing users, and each of their Stands are named after Egyptian Gods. The Egypt 9 Glory gods are sent out by DIO come halt (i.e. Kill) the Crusaders in the second component of Stardust Crusaders together they travel throughout Egypt to fin DIO"s lair. So how do this Glory gods stack up against each other? Let"s uncover out! Here"s the Egypt 9 Glory gods from Stardust Crusaders, ranked according to strength.

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beginning off this perform is Oingo, the elder of the Oingo Boingo Brothers. His Stand, Khnum, has the capability to change the shape of that user, essentially enabling Oingo to shapeshift. Khnum has a cool ability, however it"s doesn"t have any type of strength. Oingo is really only used for comic relief, and also his arc requires impersonating Jotaro to gain close come the Joestar team so he might assassinate them. Things don"t precisely as planned, come hilarious results, and also while Oingo is a memorable character, us can"t aid but wonder how this bumbling stand user became part of DIO"s upstream faction.

following up is Boingo, the other half of the Oingo Boingo Brothers. Boingo is the youngest the the 9 Glory Gods and also his stand Tohth"s capability is an extremely useful, particularly when he"s teamed increase with one more Stand user. Tohth bring away the kind of a comic publication through i beg your pardon it can predict suspect the future. Most of the Stand"s pages are empty until a prediction fills them and Boingo deserve to follow what"s going come happen. When very first introduced, Boingo was teamed up with his brother yet he later on teams up through Hol equine (yes, the entire horse) and also is much much more successful but is still at some point defeated.

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Alessi is may be the creepiest personality in the entire series. He"s a sadistic male who only targets those the knows space weaker than him, mostly children. Though cowardly, Alessi takes an uncomfortable amount of happiness from taunting and humiliating his victims before killing them. Mirroring his disturbed and also malicious personality, Alessi"s was standing Sethan causes people to age backward at fast speeds, and turns them into children, his favorite targets. Fortunately, Alessi it s okay his comeuppance as soon as he"s win unconscious by a youthful Jotaro. When Alessi comes to, Jotaro and Polnareff have actually reverted ago to your correct ages and finish off Alessi in a hail that punches.

6 Daniel J. D"Arby

The battle against Daniel J. D"Arby is among the most distinctive in Stardust Crusaders. Rather of a battle of strength, the battle against D"Arby required wit. D"arby obstacles the JoBros come various gamings of possibility where they have to gamble their an extremely souls in the really hopes of drawing information out of him. D"Arby"s stand Osiris has the capability to take the spirit of anyone that loses a bet or game to D"Arby, specifically as soon as the enemy admits loss in their heart. Through his gambling skills, D"Arby is able to take it both Polnareff"s and Joseph"s souls, however he was no match for Jotaro"s poker face and also basically panicked self to death.

Telence D"Arby is Daniel"s younger brother and also like him, is a understand of games but is much an ext skilled. Prefer his enlarge brother, Telence"s was standing Atum has actually the capacity to take the souls that anyone who loses against him in a game, but Atum has an added bonus. Atum has actually the additional ability of allowing Telence to review people"s souls. By asking a correctly or no question, Telence have the right to psychically see the soul"s true answer, allowing him come guess someone"s intent without the target knowing. Additionally like his older brother, underneath every his bravado, Telence is little much more than a spineless wimp.

4 Anubis

Anubis in unique amongst the Glory gods in the he is a userless Stand, in the kind of a sword, who can possess anyone who wields him. Anubis did have actually a user in ~ one time, yet his user has long died but he yet lingers, bound come the sword. Anubis is currently loyal to DIO, both the end of gratitude for freeing it ~ centuries and because the was defeated by DIO"s Stand, The World. In his effort to kill the JoBros, Anubis manages to possess Polnareff and also uses him to strike Jotaro. Together is the tendency for the Glory Gods, Anubis is defeated, broken in two, and thrown right into the Nile River.

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Mariah wields a Stand with a rather an easy ability, however it it s okay deadlier the much longer it"s activated. She Stand, Bastet, takes the kind of a basic electrical outlet and also has the strength to magnetize anyone who touches it, bring about metallic objects to be attracted to them. The magnetic pressure gradually becomes stronger and also stronger to the point that the victim would certainly be overwhelmed or impaled through the objects attracted to them., becoming solid and deadly sufficient to lure cars. Mariah cleverly provides her stand on both Joseph and Avdol, causing hilarity.

2 N"Doul

N"Doul is the very first of the Egypt 9 Glory Gods that audiences are introduced to, and he"s one of the deadliest. His water-based Stand, Geb, is exceptionally deadly—strong sufficient to rip a man"s head off and stuff it inside a canteen—but its greatest strength is its range. N"Doul is may be to be kilometers away while still gift able to regulate Geb precisely and also accurately. What provides it all the more impressive is the reality that N"Doul is blind. By difficult his cane into the sand, N"Doul deserve to feel the vibrations of motion from kilometers away, enabling him come accurately target one opponent.

pets Shop is a rare instance of a non-human stand wielder. Pet Shop is a terrifyingly ruthless falcon who likewise serves together the guardian that DIO"s mansion, killing anyone that trespasses or anyone who even gets a little too close come the mansion. If it wasn"t for Iggy"s interference, pet Shop would have also murdered a little boy. Pets Shop wields the devastatingly an effective Stand Horus, which allows the falcon to swiftly generate ice cream in large quantities—large enough to destroy a car, and also gruesomely impaling a man while law it. Pet Shop is conveniently the most dangerous of the Egypt 9 Glory Gods, and also he"s among the many terrifying Stand users in Stardust Crusaders.

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