This mod adds a recipe because that vitamins that is unlockable v the very same level that Yeah scientific research that antibiotics are. There is likewise a schematic for it the EpicSpire included to the prey tables.

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The recipe has actually been reworked by Laokia who likewise helped settle an concern where the recipe wasn’t unlocked appropriately through the development tree. Laokia also included a localization doc so the the video game would screen the appropriate name of the items, EpicSpire forgot they deserve to do that now.

Snowberries are now used in the recipe and therefore they are currently able to be crafted and planted in order to do them much more available. (unlockable seed in the living turn off the land skill and also seed schematic additionally created) Snowberry seeds have the right to be found in prey like any other seed.

Produces 2 vitamins. Have to use a chemistry terminal for the vitamin crafting.

Also the schematics because that crafting vitamins and also the schematics for making snowberry seeds have actually been included to traders.


The forum subject of the mod is here.

Credits: EpicSpire

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