How execute you level up fast now in A18? I"m in ~ 700 zombie kills, build 4 class of my base , currently I"m building an additional one, and on work 21 I"m level 36! In A17 I offered to it is in 80 and I feeling kinda underleveled . The zombies don"t seem to it is in a threat yet that doesn"t median I have to grind the much. By the time day 28 arrives I"ll have blade traps and possibly turrets however I"m already boringly unstoppable through a just level 4 sledgehammer.

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I feeling the leveling development in A18 is slower 보다 in A17 and also dramatically slower 보다 A16. Should I rise the xp obtain to 200 or even 300%? Or is there an additional hidden way to level increase fast?

It is speculative still. Fast levelling is simply as legit as any type of other method. No good if everyone just plays the same

low gamestages every the time.

744 exp every block upgraded to reinforced concrete from timber frames!

One could argue that an altering a bunch of setups is totally "legit" when trial and error an speculative build. It would most likely be good feedback to give a "feel" synopsis for various ways to pat (standard setups vs 200% xp and also 200% loot, for example).


BTW, I"d bump loot up if you bump up XP. Otherwise you"re likely to be behind the gamestage in regard to loved one power.

One might argue that an altering a bunch of settings is totally "legit" when trial and error an speculative build. It would likely be great feedback to give a "feel" synopsis because that various means to beat (standard settings vs 200% xp and 200% loot, because that example).


BTW, I"d bump loot increase if you bang up XP. Otherwise you"re most likely to it is in behind the gamestage in for to family member power.


Or change the beginning quest to provide you 10 or also 20 points rather of 4.


You can role-play this out:

- The duke himself to know you and also your capabilities.

- He knows you deserve to survive in the Apocalypse, naked and unarmed.


Your character is clear a powerful and qualified person, therefore reflect that in his starting stats.

Note: Its funny sometimes, yet gets a little old if you carry out it as well much.

I"m"re currently boringly unstoppable, but you feeling underleveled? Why do you desire to level up so fast? Isn"t that simply going to make points easier? probably you need to leave the XP alone and just turn up the difficulty...

I reached 34 at day 17??

I adjusted the daytime from default 1 hour to 1 1/2 tho so the might affect a little.

I also Sololy pursuit n Loot. Am beginning to get to building right now so allows see just how that works out.

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Do girlfriend go out at nighttime? ns do since i have completed a constant stream of armory and also weapons.