Recently, while ns was functioning in the flower bed in the prior yard, my neighbors stopped come chat together they returned house from walking your dog. During our friendly conversation, ns asked their 12 year old daughter what she wanted to be once she grow up. She said she wanted to be President part day.

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Both of her parents - liberal democrats - to be standing there, so ns asked her, "If you to be President what would be the an initial thing you would do?"

She replied, "I"d offer food and also houses to every the homeless people."

Her parental beamed with pride!

"Wow…what a worthy goal!" i said. "But friend don"t have to wait until you"re president to execute that!" ns told her.

"What perform you mean?" she replied.

So i told her, "You have the right to come end to my house and also mow the lawn, traction weeds, and trim mine hedge, and also I"ll salary you $50. Then you deserve to go over to the grocery save where the homeless male hangs out, and you can provide him the $50 come use towards food and also a new house."

She assumed that over because that a few seconds, then she looked me right in the eye and asked, "Why doesn"t the homeless male come over and do the work, and you have the right to just salary him the $50?"

I said, "Welcome come the Republican Party." …

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"Ha ha, no thanks," she replied. "But really, why don"t you walk over and also ask the homeless guy to reduced your grass?"

I paused… "You median I have to actually sell him $50 dollars to reduced my grass?"

"Yeah," she said.

"He wouldn"t perform it, he"s lazy, that"s why he"s homeless. Besides, he"d have no method to get there. Most residences with grass come mow room in the suburbs and the homeless shelters space downtown. I"d have to drive him, and eww, no thanks. And he doesn"t have any kind of landscaping equipment." i explained.

She said, "Give him some bus money. Your wife is home throughout the day with your baby: she have the right to let him into your garage to gain to her lawnmower, trimmer, gasoline, and also other devices he"ll need."

"That sound a little… Nah: I"m no doing that. " I replied negatively. "Why doesn"t he go try to get hired through a landscaping organization instead?"

"So you"ll offer him the $50 dollars he"ll need to obtain a hair cut, a shave, a shower, and also some non-terrible garments he"ll need to get through an interview? and also he"s favor 50 year old, all the landscaping jobs are taken increase by teen and also 20-somethings," she declared matter-of-factly.

"You don"t talk prefer a 12-year-old. Space you break character?" i asked questioningly.

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"A little," she responded curtly, "but this was never ever anything yet a highly-contrived, self-congratulatory wank the a Republican joke anyway."

"True, however it fit mine preconceived, not-thought-through party talking points for this reason well!" ns rejoined yelledly.

"That that did," she flaboned cromulently. "Welcome to not repeating simpleminded political memes."