ATCK Fitness is the heart-pounding, bag-punching kickboxing studio the helps you construct strength, build confidence and also get in the best shape of her life.

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It’s fun, friendly fitness sessions – without the judgement of normal gyms.


Exercises that focus on making use of your body load or medication balls – perfect for structure muscle and also getting greater meaning in her arms.

The harder you punch the more calories you burn in this all-over workout – perfect because that relieving stress and also getting rid of your an unfavorable energy.

Partner up and run through some offensive and also defensive drills – perfect for boosting your kickboxing technique and developing your ability set.

(humble brag incoming…)

We hate simple, repeated gym sessions with boring, judgemental instructors that anxiety you out and also never aid you see genuine progress. So us made the our mission to perform the precise opposite – sell fun, friendly fitness great that get measurable results.

Our inclusive approach way you’ll actually want to turn up to classes (remember what that feels like?) and also get your body moving with a smile on her face. Ours trainers room super awesome and also genuinely care about your fitness goals.

And that’s the thing… in ~ ATCK Fitness, we’re all around empowerment. Imagine a studio where even after the worst job imaginable, friend still had actually the an inspiration to revolve up, work-related hard and keep crushing your objectives with various other like-minded people.

ATCK Fitness is all around involvement in ours kickboxing family members as a group and success of her targets together an individual. We want to make sure you’ve always got something to job-related towards. That’s why we introduced ‘The gloves Club’.

When you complete your first 100 classes, you will do it be vested a complimentary pair that gloves to show that you’ve reached your an initial milestone. You can keep going every the way up to 1,000 great (yes, seriously) through a different shade glove for each rank.

Reach that 1k mark? you’ll become an ATCK Fitness ‘Pinnacle’ member, and also get 50% off her membership. With 2k? you will do it be labelled an main ATCK Fitness ‘Legend’ and also receive the coveted golden glove – providing you totally free classes because that life.

Whichever level you’re functioning towards, The glove Club encourages an individual growth, commitment and also a feeling of ar – and also that’s what we love more than anything in ~ ATCK Fitness. You deserve the recognition for your hard work!

We’re totally committed to developing a positive atmosphere where you feeling comfortable and confident getting a sweat on. And a huge part of that is structure one big, happy family that’s always driving each other forward to reach their goals.

It’s a passion for positivity the comes appropriate from the top. Ours Founder, Alti Dasilvera, constructed awesome studios that focus on fun, familiar fitness sessions that obtain results fast! and he’s no happy unless everyone is punching bags v a laugh on your face.

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Unlike other gyms, us take the moment to learn your strengths, her weakness and also why you on your particular journey. We’ll an obstacle you to reach your height performance levels v engaging, highly-personal practice routines!

“I love this place! I’ve never ever had more motivation working out before I come here. This place is accurate my 2nd home! i love the instructors and also the classes and also they fit mine schedule. Say thanks to you ATCK!”

“The fitness kickboxing class at ATCK Fitness has actually been a game changer for me. It’s fully turned mine life around. I’m so grateful for the ladies there. They assistance you in every means they have the right to annd aid smash v your goals.”

“I do the efforts cycling and also going to the regular gym yet nothing compares to kickboxing! i have an ext energy and stamina 보다 ever and I can keep up through my kids at home without a hitch!.

“What can I say around ATCK Fitness? it’s a workout you’ll love and it won’t take it a many time to watch results! This location keeps mine sanity and also helped me acquire in shape faster than i ever might at the gym.”

“I simply love comes to ATCK Fitness! I’ve acquired in so much better shape than I have actually in years! The employee is supportive and I simply love coming here day-to-day after work. Nothing to win a workout prefer this. I don’t understand what ns would do without then”

“I finally uncovered my second home! ATCK has actually saved mine life native boring workouts! i still want to make more progress yet finally discovered something i can think in. Ns love the group classes and the challenges make working out fun! say thanks to you ATCK Fitness.”

45 day atck fitness program


That’s Why We’re loved By Kick-Ass People across Massachusetts!

“I love this ar – the literally my second home! i have never had actually so much an inspiration when it involves working out. I love the instructors and also the classes. Many thanks ATCK!”

I just love coming to ATCK Fitness! I’ve gotten in much better shape 보다 I have in years. Ns train every day after work due to the fact that nothing beats a workout favor this!”

“It’s a workout you’ll love that doesn’t take too lengthy to see results. This ar helps me store my sanity and also gets me in shape faster than anything in ~ the gym could!”

“ATCK has saved my life native boring workouts! i’ve finally uncovered something I believe in. Ns love the group classes and also the challenges make training fun. Say thanks to you guys!”