How to transform Centimeters come Inches

To convert a centimeter measurement to an customs measurement, use a simple formula.Since one customs is equal to 2.54 centimeters, this formula have the right to be provided to convert:


How to transform cm to Fractional Inches

We covered exactly how to convert centimeters come inches, but you might still it is in wondering just how to convert cm to fractional inches.

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Begin v the cm to customs conversion above to obtain the resulting decimal first, climate round come the nearest fractional inch.

Take the number come the appropriate of the decimal suggest from the decimal result, and also multiply the by the level the precision girlfriend need.You can round come the nearest 1/16, 1/32, or 1/64 of an inch.

To ring to the nearest 1/16, for instance, take it the component to the appropriate of the decimal and multiply the by 16.Then, round that an outcome to acquire the numerator of the fractional customs measurement.

For example, to discover out how big 3 centimeter is in fractional inches, follow these steps.

Divide 3 by 2.54 to convert cm come inches.

3 centimeter ÷ 2.54 = 1.1811 in

Then, multiply the decimal remainder through 16.

0.1811 × 16 = 2.8976

Round this to the nearest totality number; in this case, 2.8976 deserve to be rounded to 3.Place this value in a fraction over 16, therefore 3/16 is the remaining fraction.

Put that all with each other by place the entirety number in the decimal in prior of the fraction.

3 cm ≈ 1 3/16"

Our inch fraction calculator can add centimeters and also inches together, and it likewise automatically counter the outcomes to united state customary, imperial, and also SI metric values.

Centimeters and inches room both units offered to measure up length. Keep reading to learn much more about each unit of measure.



One centimeter is same to one-hundredth (1/100) the a meter, i m sorry is defined as the distance light travel in a vacuum in a 1/299,792,458 2nd time interval.

The centimeter, or centimetre, is a lot of of the meter, i m sorry is the SI basic unit because that length. In the metric system, "centi" is the prefix because that 10-2. Centimeters deserve to be abbreviated together cm; for example, 1 centimeter can be created as 1 cm.

Metric rulers commonly have 30 cm, which are stood for by 30 huge tick marks.To acquire a unstable idea that the actual size of a centimeter, a standard pencil is just around 1 cm thick.


An customs is a unit the linear length measure same to 1/12 of a foot or 1/36 the a yard.Because the global yard is legally identified to be equal to specifically 0.9144 meters, one customs is equal to 2.54 centimeters.<1>

The customs is a united state customary and also imperial unit that length. Inches have the right to be abbreviated as in; because that example, 1 inch can be created as 1 in.

Inches can likewise be denoted using the symbol, otherwise recognized as a double-prime.Often a double-quote (") is used instead of a double-prime because that convenience.A double-prime is frequently used come express 1 in as 1″.


The conventional ruler has actually 12", and also is a common measuring device for measuring inches.They are also often measured making use of tape measures, which frequently come in lengths from 6" - 35".Other species of measuring devices include scales, calipers, measure up wheels, micrometers, yardsticks, and even lasers.

We recommend using a ruler or tape measure for measuring length, which have the right to be found at a local retailer or house center.Rulers are available in imperial, metric, or combination with both values, for this reason make sure you acquire the correct type for your needs.

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Need a ruler? shot our free downloadable and also printable rulers, which encompass both imperial and also metric measurements.

cm to Inches switch Chart

Chart that centimeter measurements converted come inches and fractional customs rounded to the nearest 1/64"CentimetersInches (decimal)Inches (fraction)
1 cm0.393701"25/64"
2 cm0.787402"25/32"
3 cm1.1811"1 3/16"
4 cm1.5748"1 37/64"
5 cm1.9685"1 31/32"
6 cm2.3622"2 23/64"
7 cm2.7559"2 3/4"
8 cm3.1496"3 5/32"
9 cm3.5433"3 35/64"
10 cm3.937"3 15/16"
11 cm4.3307"4 21/64"
12 cm4.7244"4 23/32"
13 cm5.1181"5 1/8"
14 cm5.5118"5 33/64"
15 cm5.9055"5 29/32"
16 cm6.2992"6 19/64"
17 cm6.6929"6 11/16"
18 cm7.0866"7 3/32"
19 cm7.4803"7 31/64"
20 cm7.874"7 7/8"
21 cm8.2677"8 17/64"
22 cm8.6614"8 21/32"
23 cm9.0551"9 1/16"
24 cm9.4488"9 29/64"
25 cm9.8425"9 27/32"
26 cm10.24"10 15/64"
27 cm10.63"10 5/8"
28 cm11.02"11 1/32"
29 cm11.42"11 27/64"
30 cm11.81"11 13/16"
31 cm12.2"12 13/64"
32 cm12.6"12 19/32"
33 cm12.99"12 63/64"
34 cm13.39"13 25/64"
35 cm13.78"13 25/32"
36 cm14.17"14 11/64"
37 cm14.57"14 9/16"
38 cm14.96"14 61/64"
39 cm15.35"15 23/64"
40 cm15.75"15 3/4"


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