"Volta Brackets", likewise called "Time Bars" or "First and second Ending Brackets", space horizontal brackets that are written over the staff. Castle are frequently labeled through numbers or letters.

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Volta brackets are offered when a part, excerpt or passage of music is to it is in played two or more different time (repeats) yet with 2 or an ext different endings.

Volta Brackets have the right to be provided within the music or at the finish of the music. Volta Brackets also use particular Bar Lines come clarify your purpose.

Volta Brackets within a Movement

When a an initial and 2nd Ending occurs within a activity (or in ~ a item of music), an initial and second Ending Volta Brackets deserve to be used as a type of "Musical Shorthand"!

The performer plays the first Ending, goes ago to the start of the music (following the Repeat Sign) and then plays again.

The second Time through, the show skips the an initial Ending and goes straight to the 2nd Ending.


When the Volta Brackets are within a movement (the second Ending is not the final measure that the music):

The very first Ending (the an initial Volta Bracket) is a close up door bracket. The an initial Ending will end with a Repeat Sign.The 2nd Ending (the 2nd Volta Bracket) is an open up bracket (an open finished bracket) - over there is no final "down line" in ~ the finish of the bracket. The final measure of the 2nd Ending can either use a twin bar line (two slim bar lines) to show that that is the finish of that "section" OR it deserve to simply usage a single bar line together the music continues.

Volta base at the finish of the Music

When a an initial and 2nd Ending is required at the end of the music, the performer theatre the very first Ending, then goes ago to the start of the music (following the Repeat Sign) and also plays again. The second Time through, the show skips the first Ending and also goes straight to the second Ending.

When the Volta Brackets are at the finish of the Music (the 2nd Ending is the last measure):

The an initial Ending (the very first Volta Bracket) is a closed bracket. The an initial Ending will finish with a Repeat Sign.The 2nd Ending (the 2nd Volta Bracket) is additionally a closed bracket. The 2nd Ending will finish with a double (Final) Bar Line.

Ti-Do Tip: Volta brackets - or first and 2nd Ending base - perform not touch the staff. They room written directly above the staff. They room aligned vertically v the bar lines for each that the endings. When writing Volta Brackets, be specific to no let any part of the music (articulation, dynamics or any type of other musical element) touch the Volta Brackets.

There can also be more than one measure up of music below each Volta Bracket. The Volta Bracket simply extends come cover the procedures played in each Ending.


Students learn about Volta brackets in the can be fried Music theory LEVEL 7 Supplemental Workbook on web page 49.

Successful completion of the UMT LEVEL 7 Supplemental Workbook (after completing the intermediate Rudiments Workbook and also the LEVEL 6 Supplemental Workbook) will prepare students because that the RCM Level 7 concept Examination (using the 2016 theory Syllabus Edition).

In the Syllabus, Students discover that "volta" means "time". Because that example, "prima volta" means "first time" and also "seconda volta" method "second time.

Although the ax "Volta Brackets" is not part of the Syllabus, the is vital for student to find out the actual music term because that those very first Ending and second Ending Brackets.

Volta Brackets v Multiple "Verses"

We often uncover that, specifically in Vocal Music, a ar is played 3 or an ext times, however there are only two endings. The numbers composed underneath the Volta Brackets show the number of times that ending is used.

In this example, students would certainly play:

measures 1 come 3 (first ending),measures 1 to 3 (second ending),measure 1 and also then actions 4 & 5 (third ending), proceeding on till the actual end of the music.

Volta Brackets with Multiple "Endings"

It is possible to have three different endings to a ar (or a item of music). This Multiple Volta Brackets space treated the very same as a first Ending, 2nd Ending and 3rd Ending.

When this occurs in music, a Right dealing with Repeat sign will frequently be discovered at the beginning of the section (or the start of the piece of music) together a reminder that there will certainly be many repeats. (Not certain what a "Right facing Repeat Sign" is? check out my blog on Repeat authorize Dots.)


This "musical shorthand" allows for repeating (with different endings) there is no rewriting whole sections that music. Once you "play and sing" the over example, you will sing:

"This is finishing one; This is finishing two; This is finishing three and done!"

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