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In March, during an extremely windy weekend in Iceland, adrenaline junkies decided to utilize the gusts of wind to their benefit and learn how to fly. They merely jumped and also let the wind lug them while using their coats favor pairs of wings. Cool till you fall challenge down.

This poor woman just couldn�t obtain her dress to continue to be down no issue how difficult she tried. The wind was clearly not she friend once it journey her dress over she head, exposing her black panties.

Fall is ~ above us and also with the come some of the craziest wind storms. So before we to speak goodbye come summer and officially component ways with the humidity, here is a reminder what is however to come flying our way. Check out 15 times the wind was truly our nemesis. This will certainly blow girlfriend away!
This woman obviously wasn�t paying fist to the fact that her skirt was method up in the waiting exposing her undies for every to see. She more than likely thought that her sitting down was a guarantee, however there room no guarantees against the wind!

This guy perhaps came ready for a possibility of rain with this umbrella, however he clearly wasn�t ready for what the wind would do to him.

Unfortunately because that this lady, no only has actually her dress been increased by the wind, but she has yet to notice it. In the meantime, people have already managed come take the end their cameras and also photograph the incident.

I don�t know about you guys, yet my mom constantly taught me the a skirt have to be worn v a full undies underneath. Clearly this mrs didn�t acquire that memo. In her defence, who cares about the wind blowing as soon as you�re mid-shopping spree.
We can�t check out the expression on the guy�s face, however we�re certain he had a good laugh end this one. If this woman did get the memo around being completely guarded under her skirt, that didn�t stop the wind indigenous doing that is thing.
We have actually very few words for what�s going on here. In all honesty, this mrs deserved what she had actually coming to her. One point is because that sure: the wind spares no one!
Jessica Chastain�s hair has a mind of the own and also unlike mere common people�s hair, Chastain�s hair is truly influenced by the wind. So lot so in fact, that the wind made she hair resemblea superhero or Jimmy Neutron. We have a emotion she�ll never ever forget come wear a hat after this.
While Venus Williams was crushing the on the court, her outfit seemed to have actually taken a trip to one more planet� AKA: It to be non-existent. You can�t reprimand this tennis agree for having her head in the game and in the video game only.
These 2 Pomeranian dogs room seriously cute, trying not to loss to the ground because of this gust the wind. We really wish we were over there to choose them up and also lead them away from harm�s way.
It takes one significant storm or hurricane to make a limousine upper and lower reversal over favor this, but obviously the is every it took. We just hope there were no people in it once this happened. This is seriously frightening.
Benny the spaniel ended up being known worldwide after a funny photograph of him being blown away by the wind was posted on society media in 2014. The cute dog simply can�t get sufficient of the beach no matter exactly how windy or cold the is.
When the human being celebrating whatever event this to be thought about having chocolate fondue in the event, they more than likely never imagine the wind could possibly do it splash in all directions. The lesson is to never ever underestimate the wind.

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Apparently, even the wind thought the grass is greener in ~ the neighbor�s backyard and decided to move this lawn come a better home.