While mine forte is literacy, ALuv’s currently second grade is definitely math. Simply last week, my mom who help me homeschool 3 days a week challenged him v a 12 work of Christmas mathematics activity.

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*This post contains affiliate links.**The 2016 update printables have the right to be discovered towards the end of this post. Just click the teal download button.

12 work of Christmas mathematics Activity

He was to figure out how numerous gifts “my true love” provided each day altogether in the 12 work of Christmas song. My mom went home to figure out how numerous gifts there to be in all and if he arrived at the exact same number, she would have actually a small prize wait for him. That was very eager to try this out.

Once he had actually gone with the whole song, I tested him to use mental math to include up the amount in every rectangle. This component was fairly interesting. We had actually such wealthy discussion about several mathematics concepts.

Math concepts Covered

1- Introduction come multiplication. If you add 1 twelve times, it’s the exact same as speak 1 x 12, which equates to 12.

2- Multiplication is commutative. Once he got to the number 3 box, he was to include 3 ten times. He started to counting by three’s to add them all up. As soon as he came to the sum of 30, i briefly proved him just how knowing the 10 x 3 could help him deal with 3 x 10. And just prefer addition, multiplication is commutative. The very same thing occurred when the calculated 6 x 7, then turned right around and multiplied 7 x 6.

3- Grouping number to add. rather of adding 8+8+8+8+8 as individual 8’s, he group 16+16, then included 8 more. This strategy maintained him from writing down all the number to add.

4- Using connected sums to settle other enhancement problems. As soon as he got to day nine, he supplied the sums that 16+16 from work eight to assist him figure out- if 16+16 equals 32, then 9+9+9+9 (18+18) is simply 4 much more than 16+16.

5- Using a calculator to number out sums. This was the first time he had actually used a calculator because that schoolwork. The rather appreciated doing it and also got his full sum.

After he had figured increase how plenty of presents in all “my true love” gave for Christmas, we talked a bit more about the data that had. We discovered a really cool pattern from every the adding. We talked around the truth that all the number are even number and why that is. Ns asked him, “If her true love gave you 1 current a day, would certainly there be sufficient presents for the entire year? What around leap year?” to say the least, this one activity noted a riches of Christmas math learning!

**Updated printables – included December, 2016!!**

The to update 12 work of Christmas Math task Pack includes a printable web page with the 12 days presents plus a record sheet, much like the one we originally used.

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When we offered it this year, we figured increase how plenty of gifts were given on every day.

Also had is a page with concerns such as, “How many gifts were given on job 4?”