Blood pressure 103/69 - what does it mean?

Your blood press reading the 103/69 shows Hypotension. This means your blood pressure is lower than the usual with values at a systolic (upper) value under 105 mmHg and a diastolic (lower) value of under 60 mmHg.

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However, in most cases this is no reason to it is in concerned. If her blood push is just slightly under stated values and there space no wellness impairments a hypotense blood pressure might be alright.

By the way: her diastolic worth of 69 mmHg is better than her systolic value and would classify as Ideal. Yet if friend are gaining two different types of category for your blood push it is correct to pick the one the is considered worse.


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What you need to know about a blood push of 103/69

Though a worth of "too low" does not exist in the category of the that it is very usual come classify a blood pressure unter 105/60 as hypotension. Her blood press of 103/69 drops into this range.

Symptoms the hypotension can be:

Paleness, cold hands and also feet, feeling coldeasy tiredness, concentration problemsdizziness, "blacking out"headachesyncopes, collapses

If those symtpoms appear directly after an altering your body place (ex. Getting up fast) they will certainly most most likely disappear in a issue of minutes.

What you should do:

If you have actually circulatory problems, dizziness or continually feel choose you space on the verge of pass out, please contact a doctor.

A salt affluent diet and also staying character language can aid to rise your blood pressure.

These actions deserve to also aid strengthen your body:

Regular sports and exercisestimulating herbs (like rosemary)warm and cold showers (end cold)slow getting up, specifically in the morning - stretch and also extend!

Please keep in mind that coffee and drinks i m sorry contain caffeine will certainly only rise your blood pressure for a short period of time.

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Blood pressure 103/69 on the blood push monitor


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